Shilpa Shetty Shares the 6 Things That Will Help You Achieve #RelationshipGoals

Chase away your millennial relationship woes with these top tips.

Millennials are the non-conformists of the world — they do everything from finance to love, differently. When it comes to relationships, millennials seem to have re-written the whole rule book, with their ‘almost relationships’ and ‘it’s complicated’ statuses. And there seems to be no compass for them, on how to navigate these complicated emotions. However, all is not hopeless — there are some voices of reason that give great advice that can help untangle even the most complex of emotional messes.

One such unlikely voice is none other than actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who’s not only killing the fitness and style game, turns out, she’s also great at giving advice. In fact, the celebrity will be seen hosting a dating reality show, Hear Me. Love Me., which is set to air on Amazon Prime Video soon as its next Prime Original Series! And while we wait eagerly for what promises to be a great show, where young women get to choose who they’re going to virtually date based on the 3 suitors who give her a slice of their lives without seeing their faces, we have a sneak peak of the kind of pearls of wisdom we can expect from Shilpa.

Shilpa Shetty

While all relationships are unique, with different issues, most of them can benefit from some solid, common sense advice, and that’s what Shilpa is about to lay down:


1. Patience is key:

Many youngsters today don’t have the patience to wait and see where the relationship will go. More often than not, if they don’t feel a spark on the first date, they will abandon the opportunity and move on. Have patience, and give the other person a chance to show you who they are, and you never know!


2. Take it slow

When being patient with the other person, you need to be patient with yourself, as well. It is always a good rule of thumb to keep in mind, not to have sex on the first date itself. Wait and find out if you’re emotionally compatible to get intimate.


3. Share the lead

It’s a great thing to be proactive and ask for what you want, ladies — because you should. But, sometimes, it’s good to let the man take the lead — let him plan the date and pamper you.


4. Be crystal clear

The true marker of millennial relationships is ambiguity — nobody is ever sure about where they stand, exactly. So to avoid the ‘it’s complicated’ tag, be clear about what you want from the start.


5. Ditch the superficiality

The age-old saying — beauty is in the eye of the beholder — is true. Because looks aren’t everything. Look at the kind of person your partner is — are they beautiful from the inside? If they are, that’s all that really makes them a beautiful person.


6. Play hard to get

Millennials often think that old-school tactics are outdated for them — but the thing about old-school tactics is that they are classics for a reason. So one such tactic that has stood the test of time, is playing hard to get. This will ensure that the person knows you know you’re worth it, and that they’ll have to work hard to get you. Plus, this makes the game so much more fun!


Doesn’t that read like good sense? Well then, stay tuned for more on Prime Original Series Hear Me. Love Me. only on Amazon Prime Video. Streams from 28th September!