8 Things to Remember When You Travel With Your Partner For the First Time

Here are some of the challenges you could face on your first holiday together, and how you can overcome them.

One thing is for certain, there is nothing quite as fun as being in a new relationship! To start with, there are a ton of firsts. The first date, first kiss, the first time you have sex. And then, there is your first holiday together. Regardless of whether you're newly dating or have been together for quite some time, you can never really guess how your first trip as a couple will actually turn out. Along with all the fun, there are going to be some challenges as well.


"Traveling together can be extremely revealing,” says dating coach Laurel House. Deciding when you should travel together really depends on you and how comfortable you are with the idea and each other. Some people like getting it out of the way early on in what House calls a "Make-or-Break Vacation Date". Others like to take their time before they decided to take the plunge. "Traveling together creates an environment that encourages transparency," she says. "Unlike Friday night dates, it isn't about being 'on' all the time. Instead, it's about being real." Ideally, your first trip as a couple will be memorable for all the right reasons. However, there will be challenges along the way. So here are some common issues couples tend to face on their first getaway together, and ways to overcome them.

1. Travel stress.

Some people just do not travel well. Between flights, long car rides, forgetting things and other factors, there's a lot that can go wrong on a trip and a lot of opportunities to give in to stress. To overcome travel stress, keep things in perspective. "You're on vacation with your partner," says wellness guru Caleb Becke. "Even if something goes wrong, appreciate the bigger picture and take solace in it. Remain calm and your partner will feed off of your positive vibes as strongly as they will if you project stress."

2. Varied interests.


You cannot be expected to like each and everything your partner does. Some people like art and museums for example, while others would rather go to an amusement park instead. Planning and compromise, is the key to settling this debate. Alternate between activities you both like, or plan some solo time to get the perfect balance between the things you like to do and the person you like to do them with.

3. Finding out you are not compatible.

The more time you spend with someone, the better of a chance you get to see how you two really mesh. When you're a new couple, the amount of time you have spent together isn't a lot. To limit the disappointment you may have after going on a trip with someone and finding out that you're really not that compatible, plan your first trip locally. Travelling internationally  can prove challenging, so start with a short weekend getaway before you commit to something big.


4.Putting too much pressure on your self. 



Trying to look your best always, watching what you eat and say, offering to do too much of the work and trying to please your partner are some ways in which you can burn yourself out when travelling with your SO for the first time. Try and be yourself, be natural and share the load of planning to have some more fun on your holiday. Being true to your self will help you have a much better time, we promise.


5. Running out of things to talk about 


Sometimes, things can get a little awkward, even if you are newly dating and still have a lot to learn about each other. Try playing the 36 questions to fall in love game to break the ice, or just enjoy some quiet time reading and hanging out together. If you're on a road trip and you're just done talking for some time, says dating and relationship coach, Carla Romo, creating a fun playlist that you can enjoy together can be helpful. 


6. Budgeting.



Having the money talk can get super awkward, especially if it happens once you reach your destination.  "Have the money talk well in advance, before you even choose a destination," says Heather Ebert, relationship expert.  That means determine whether you are embarking on a luxurious trip, a frugal getaway, or something in between. "Another consideration to make is who will pay for what," she says. Will it be 50/50 or is one person footing the bill? "Discussing a budget early on will help set expectations and leave less room for disappointment or confusion later,"


7. Wanting to take a million pictures.



Cell phones are a godsend when we travel. They help us with maps, restaurants and even translation. It’s also quite natural to want to document your first trip with your boyfriend. Do bear in mind though, getting caught up in taking too many pictures can be distracting, and can take away from the moment. Take some time out, leave that camera phone in your room, and just spend time connecting one on one for a change. This will also help you resist the urge to answer every call and every text that you get.


8. Letting an off moment ruin your entire trip.


Embarrassing things can happen, you might argue, or just about anything and everything that you hope will go smoothly might end up going wrong. Focus on creating shared memories instead. Even the 'bad' stuff can be something to laugh about when you get home. There's always a positive hidden in every negative situation, so make sure that one bad experience does not ruin your entire trip.