The 5 Most Common Sex Dreams Decoded

Confused about what a sex dream could mean? Don't worry, we have all your answers.  


1. Someone  you can’t stand (cough, your ex)

This is basically a nightmare—a super-common one. But dreams starring le ex are not a sign to reunite. “It’s about what they used to represent: passion, desire, excitement,” says US-based expert dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg. You might need to bring that energy into your current ’ship, or if you’re single, try dating in a new way. If the enemy is not an ex, “your subconscious is urging you to reconnect with that person,” says Lauri. “It’s not good to carry around hate.”


2. A total stranger

The ‘mystery lover’ story line = the second most frequent sex dream. And in a twist that would crush a hopeless romantic’s fantasy, “it doesn’t mean you’re dreaming about the someone who’s out there waiting for you,” says Lauri. “This is more about some aspect of yourself that you’re trying to get to know.” Envisioning a fire night with a scandalous lover could represent your own need to be more authoritative and assertive...like the kind of bad*ss who would have a spontaneous bang with a stranger.


3. A co-worker or *FACK* your boss

You see them every day, so of course they butt in at night. But there’s a distinction between sexing your boss in your dreams versus a subordinate, says Lauri. If you work for them, the dream is likely about a power struggle. Solve it by finding something to collab on.

If you did NSFW things with someone who reports to you, think about what they provide IRL. If it’s an assistant who keeps your life in line, your brain may be telling you to get your sh*t together.


4. Your English Prof

If it’s the professor you always drooled over in class, this might simply be a hot-for-teacher sitch—in which case, lesson over, fantasy completed. But if it’s someone you found legit scary or revolting (like beyond their tough demeanour and wrinkled khakis), take note of the subject they taught you. “If it was English, maybe there’s some need in your life for better communication,” offers Lauri. “If it was math, it could be a call to get better at your finances.”


5. A bunch of people

While they might seem crazy-fun, dream orgies are actually a red flag (sorry!) that you have a lot of distress in your life. Aka you’re experiencing a psychological overload that’s manifesting as an overload of partners and body parts, says Lauri. It’s time to look for ways to seriously fix the busy areas of your life (or at least put a few things on the back burner until everything slows
TF down). Cut back on happy hours for a sec, or maybe take a tiny vacay.


Your easy ‘but what does it mean?!’ hack

Most sex dreams are less about the people in them and more about what those individuals represent to you, says Lauri. Ask yourself: what stands out the most to you about this person? Their bananas sense of humour?
Their boss-b*tch attitude? That’s what your subconscious may want you to incorporate into your own life.



How many of you are sleep-boning...

26% Lots of people at once

8% A boss

42% A faceless person

54% A celebrity

49% A co-worker

90% A (platonic!) friend

53% An ex

72% A total stranger