Want to be Together Forever? Get a Couple Tattoo This Valentines

For those who want to wear their hearts, literally, on their sleeves.

You may or may not have a thing for fairytales or Valentine’s Day, but doing things to express your love for your significant other, especially on February 14, is kind of a ritual. And while there are many ways to celebrate this day, getting a tattoo together is a gesture that sort of seals the deal (*well, almost). 


“Because love stays forever, (and) tattoos stay longer,” says Vikas Malani, Founder of Delhi-based BodyCanvas Tattoos, one of the biggest and leading tattoo parlours in India.


Both ink and love require a lifelong commitment, as they never fade, regardless of how much time passes. So, if you are in the “FOREVER” kind-of-love, then getting a beautiful piece of art tattooed on your skin to honour your true love is something thoughtful and worth cherishing. Vikas adds that there are a great variety of couple tattoos for those who want to wear their hearts, literally, on their sleeves. Why not get rings inked on your fingers before you actually exchange rings? 



Couple Tattoos during Valentine's Day is now a very popular concept. People want to express their passion for their partner by getting tattoos done just before getting married or for celebrating the first year of marriage – be it in the form of getting their names written or having matching tattoos along with their spouses. He says that women tend to come along with their spouses right after the engagement to get tattoos done, as a symbol of the permanence of their relationship and love. 


Though trends in the tattoo industry have changed over the last couple of years. According to Micky Malani, Co-Founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos and Vikas,"People have now started understanding that tattoos are permanent and it is difficult and painful to get rid of them. Therefore, couples now prefer symbolism or something meaningful rather than getting each other’s names tattooed. Couples are getting tattoos of their partners' characteristics or what they like about them. One of our clients got a tattoo of a girl with a whisk in hand, which was dedicated to his fiancé who is a baker. Another client got dumbbell/weight tattooed because her partner is a gym freak. Another couple, who survived a long distance relationship via phone calls without even getting a chance to meet once, honoured their love by getting a connecting tattoo where a boy and girl are talking through a string telephone. It denotes to keep two souls connected no matter how far apart they were because ultimately, they would still be able to find their way back to one another."



You may want to get connecting jigsaw puzzles, Zodiac symbols, travelling related signs like an anchor and a wheel, an arrow and a heart, lock and key, ‘soul’ and ‘mate,’ fingerprints of each of them, or anniversary date, et cetera.


Remember, getting a tattoo is kind-a permanent but so is love, isn’t it.