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15 Reasons Why Bad Texters are Actually the Best Guys

And 15 reasons not to be a size queen (and by ‘size’, we mean word count).

First, let us clarify that by ‘bad 
texter’, we mean the dude who takes hours to say he’s ‘bored at work LOL’, and/or spells ‘shrimp scampi’ as ‘shrimps camping’, not the bro who leaves you on read because he’s...well, honestly, there’s no excuse. From now on, the person who struggles to cough up an ‘okay’ should no longer be the one you drop from your rotation. Here’s why:

He won’t be phubbing you when you two are out together IRL. You’ll have his undivided attention because he responds to people on his time.
Your iPhone Screen Time report won’t make you feel personally attacked. Less texting = less time on your cellular = more minutes spent walking to the grocery store (or doing other cute, safe sh*t like that).
You’ll never worry who he’s been side-texting or DMing on the DL. Ha! Like he has the thumb skills to pull that off.
Instead of your phone dying every 20 minutes, it’ll die every 30 minutes...

...and when it does, you can borrow his. (What must it be like to live every day at or above 80% battery?!)
He won’t text while driving or crossing the street, so you (and his mom) can rest easy.

With few incoming messages, you can also be more present in the moment. 
Ranbir Kapoor could be anywhere, ya know—you don’t want to miss him because you had your head in your phone, now, do you?
He’ll have so many amazing stories to tell you in person—even if it’s just about how his day went. Hey, without any lengthy textual updates, everything is news to you.

Saving your face from all the harsh blue light emitted from your phone will be the glow-up you didn’t know you needed.

He’ll never stalk you via Location Sharing, because he’s never learned how to use it. (This means you can deploy that ‘I’m OMW!’ text knowing damn well you’re still chillin‘ in your towel.)

He’s got all the extra time in the world to, like, learn how to speak Balinese, which he can use to book a romantic beach vacay for you and him to Canggu once the pandemic passes.

LMK when a boy’s text is as cute as this face.

LMK when a boy’s text is as cute as this face.

Listen, if he’s not good at texting, maybe he’s really good at giving oral, y’know?

Your friends won’t hate you for being deep in d*cks since you’re still responding to their group chats and double-tapping their weekly Instagram DMs of cute baby seal pics.

When your yoga instructor says, ‘This next exercise is great for people who spend a lot of time on their phones’, you can feel the blissful pride of self-righteousness.

He’s probs amaze at telling jokes at parties because he’s not used to relying on memes to land the punch line.

You actually know the colour of his eyes, because when you speak to him, he looks at you.

But when you *really* need a reply...
Go rogue and just show up at his house.
This is every character in Gossip Girl when they royally f*cked something up, so we don’t know why it wouldn’t work out for you, too.

Record your text as a voice message.
Add a few deep, sensual breaths between ‘I’ve been running around...’ and ‘...just thinking about you’.

Call him. 
You know, the thing phones were actually invented for.

LMK when a boy’s text is as cute as this face.

Listen, if he’s not good at texting, maybe he’s really good at giving oral, y’know?