5 Ways to Fix a Broken Friendship

You CAN get her back!




Did you and your BFF have a recent fall out? Do you miss her like crazy and wish she was part of your life again? Are you wondering if you should reach out to her? Or why she still hasn't reached out to you? 

Mending a broken friendship is not easy, but if you feel that your friendship is worth saving, try the following steps to get your best friend back.

1) Take the initiative
The first step to mend a broken friendship is reaching out to your friend. If you are wondering who should reach out first, take the leap of faith and contact your friend. Suggest a casual dinner. Let her know that you would like to discuss what happened and how you both can move past the situation. Don't be afraid of being rejected. If your friendship was equally as important to your BFF, she will accept the olive branch.

2) Apologize, if necessary
If you know you played a big role in your fall out, own up to your mistakes and apologize. A sincere apology shows that you truly value your friendship and are not afraid to let your guard down. 

3) Consider her feelings
Listen to how she feels and truly take her emotions into consideration. Look at the situation from her perspective and sincerely listen to what she is saying. She might be angry or frustrated with you, just hear her out and show her your honest emotions.

4) Forgive
If your friend chooses to apologize for her wrong doing, forgive her. The reason you and her are in this meeting to move on and forget the past. Forgiveness should come from both sides and both of you should agree to move on. 

5) Give it time
Initially, you and your friend may go through an awkward stage, which is perfectly normal. You know the saying "Time heals all wounds" and it could not be more true when trying to mend a friendship. Make all efforts from your side to do the things you both loved doing together, but still give the relationship time to heal. The more you see one another, the closer you will become again. 

If you have tried all of the above, and your friendship continues to be an ongoing issue or feels toxic, it is better to let go and move on. No relationship should ever feel like a job.

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