Dirty Talking For Beginners

Say what?! Oh, yeh!




Wanna spice things up with your man? Why not start with talking dirty to him? It might sound awkward but with a little bit of practice (and a few examples, below!), you can master dirty talking in no time! Here are a few things to help you become the ultimate Dirty talking queen!

1) Compliment himTell your man how good he is in bed or how much you love that thing he does to you!"I love it when you _____ me!"

2) Give him directionsDon't be afraid to tell him what you want him to do to you! "Bite my ____ and ____ me ______!"

3) Tell him what you want to do to himTell him how you plan on taking care of him!"I want your ____ in my ____ right now! 

4) Curse! ...because why the hell not! "_____me harder!"

5) Touch him!Touch your man in all the right places as you talk dirty to him!"Your _____ is so ______"