7 Thoughts Every Girl Has After Getting Over A Terrible Breakup

"Why was I crying over that loser anyway?!"




Do you remember the pain you felt when you broke up with your ex? How you cried for days and felt like the hurt would never go away?! Well, now that you have moved on and are completely over your ex, these 7 thoughts must be crossing your mind! Finally single and ready to mingle! #yasss 

1) "I was always too good for him anyway!"
You finally understand how truly amazing you are! 

2) "What a waste of my time!"
All that time, all those tears wasted on a guy who was never worth it! 

3) "Why was I crying over that loser anyway?!"
You finally get it! 

It is time to do whatever you want and have a blast!!!

5) "Dating other guys is so much fun!"
You are having so much fun meeting new guys! 

6) "He is never gonna find a girl like me!"

7) It feels so good to feel like myself again! ​
...because you deserve to be oh-so happy!