7 Definite Signs Your Best Friend Secretly Hates You

frenemy, much?!




1) She is often jealous of you. 
You have encountered your friend's jealously on more than one occasion. 

2) You have heard her talking sh*t about you 
...behind your back, obvi.

3) She constantly tries to compete with you.
...and it is definitely not a healthy competition! 

4) She is not happy about your accomplishments. 
She never congratulates you, nor wishes you well. 

5) She sometimes has passive aggressive​ behaviour with you. 
Ugh! This drives you crazy! 

6) She often 'forgets' to invite you to events. 
But she invites the rest of the world! 

7) She compliments everyone...but you.
.... anddd this goes back to that jealousy thing.