7 Realistic Ways To Move On After A Break Up





So that relationship you were trying to hold on has finally ended. It sucks. It hurts. You feel weak, fragile and completely hopeless. The feeling of sadness takes over your body and you feel like you are going to be miserable forever...sounds familiar?! 

Well, we are here to break the reality to you: You can and will get over your breakup! Here are 7 things you have to do (starting right now),  if you want to get over your ex...fast!  

1) Focus on YOU!  When we are in madly in love with someone, it is very easy to forget about ourselves. When that relationship ends, it is important to take time and work on you! After all, the most important person in your life is... you

2) Get rid of any hate for your ex. 
If you have anger or hate towards your ex, it may be harder to move on. Forgive him for all he has done, wish him well and teach yourself to move on! 

3) Keep busy. 
Keeping yourself busy ensures you have zero time to think about your ex! Take up old hobbies or find new ones to keep yourself busy at all times. 

4) Build other relationships. 
Maybe you neglected some of your family or friends when you were dating your ex, so why not take this time to rebuild and nurture those relationships?

5) Travel!  
Traveling is the best way to learn about other cultures... and yourself! Go visit the places you have always wanted to go, and take this time to find yourself again! 

6) Get rid of any ex-related memories. 
This means getting rid of pictures, social media posts, gifts, ticket stubs, cards and all other memories that will remind you of your ex. It may be hard to do this at first, but in time you will realize that this is for the best. 

7) Get in shape! 
Why not take the extra alone time you may have to get in the best shape of your life? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get up, and hit the gym! Eat clean and work out hard! Your mind, body and soul will thank you!