Team Cosmo Share Their WORST Valentine's Day Stories Ever!

#3 will leave you in splits!




We've all had our share of horrible V-Day moments that we'd love to forget! Team Cosmo is no exception. Here are some of the worst Valentines Day incidents that our folks experienced.

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" It has to be the one when I went out with all three of my girlfriends—like a Galentine's brunch—and we broke up right after! :( "

-Meghna Sharma, Assistant Editor

"It was when I was 19 and this guy that I was dating planned a very nice and fancy dinner for me. I showed up at the restaurant and starting laughing hysterically at the cheesy dinner. Pissed off! He told me to leave. Awkward!"

-Saumyaa Vohra, Features Editor

"A friend of mine showed up with a cake at my place on Valentines day. It was so weird cause we were friends. I ate the entire cake and slept!"

-Samar Rajput, Stylist

"It was my first Valentines date and this guy I went out with was so much into food, he kept ordering and ordering. He talked less and ate more. Turn off!"

-Richa Nagi, Editorial Co-ordinator

"I was in 11th grade and dating my current boyfriend. Since I wasn't allowed to go out, I secretly called him up at my place. Later when my maid found him out, she starting yelling 'thief! thief!'. My guy ran out of the house like anything. Since then we never planned any impromptu secret meeting at my place."

-Simran Saini, Art Intern