Solo Sex: How Other Girls Are Doing It

You've likely never discussed self-pleasuring, even with pals. But Cosmo got readers to spill the beans.




You don't need us to tell you that masturbating can be an awesome release. But there is a benefit you may not have considered: Learning what kinds of touches your body likes and responds to can help you hit the big O more easily when you're with your man. And that's good news for both of you, so don't ever feel even the tiniestbit guilty about engaging in a toe-curling bedroom sesh without the company of a dude.

In fact, there may be ways you can max out those solo excursions to the moon. To put you on that path, we asked readers to share their hot hands-on techniques (you know you've always been curious about how your practices compare with others... exchange notes et al).

Turns out, you're a creative bunch! Read on for some much needed erotic inspiration.

- "First, I take a long, hot shower and use a vanilla-scented body wash. Then I go to my bedroom, light candles, put on sexy music, and rub lotion over my entire body. Finally, I begin touching myself. Starting slowly gets me really excited and ready for an orgasm." - Roslyn, 26

- "Instead of lying flat on my back, I prefer to lie on my stomach. Then I slip my fingers underneath my body and down below and go to work. Being on my tummy creates a tighter sensation and allows me to feel every ripple of pleasure much more strongly."- Jessica, 21

- "Occasionally, I have a hard time working myself up. So I like to put a little dollop of lube on two fingers. Then I make light circles around my clitoris. As I get more excited, I add more pressure...and the extra lubrication makes it really smooth.It usually sends me right over the edge." - Dana, 31

- "When I'm almost at the point of reaching an orgasm, I grab the phone and dial my boyfriend. I love telling him what I am in the middle of doing. It instantly gets him excited, and he loves listening to me over the phone. Knowing he's privy to my personal plans is an extra turn-on for me too." - Elaine, 20

- "I am all about using a vibrator when my guy isn't around. I set it on medium to high speed and put it directly on my clitoris. When I'm on the brink of climaxing, I move it so just the very tip enters my vagina. That always gives me a really powerful ending. I would never tell my guy this, but sometimes I even prefer it more than having him around there." - Tammy, 23

- "I have a detachable showerhead that works wonders. The warm water and steady pressure are all it takes. I prop up one leg on the edge of the tub and point the spray between my legs. Every once in a while, I will bring the spray up to my nipples and then lower it back down to arouse other parts of my body." - Brenda, 34

- "I have a really hard time getting myself in the mood. It helps if I watch an extrahot movie scene with a sexy leading man. I particularly like the library scene between Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in Atonement." - Elise, 23