The 3 Must-Have Traits Guys Look For in a Woman





Just as the rose and chocolates-laden festivities of V-day have come to an end, Tinder has released some pretty interesting findings about men, women and relationships. One such study, that involved around 7500 guys, highlighted the qualities that men find absolutely irresistible in a woman and we couldn't help but agree with it.

Oh, well! Read on…

1. Good looks (30.6%)**

Although physical attributes are very subjective, your appearance most def shapes the first impression.

2. Sense of humor (25.2%)**

Good looks, wit and a dash of humour = Perfect woman!

3. Shares values and interests (24.1%)**

Having mutual interests ensures that you can take up activities that are equally rewarding and exciting for the two of you, thus bringing you closer and keeping boredom at bay.

*The survey was held amongst 15000 participants including men and women.

**All percentages are based upon the results accumulated at the conclusion of the survey.