How To Get Over a Break-Up In 7 Days Flat

Stop the pain and start healing right now




If you've broken up for the very first time, which also means that you were in your first relationship, it might be difficult to get over the heartbreak in a week, but we ensure you that you'll feel better after you follow the roster we've suggested. and if you have handled a break-up before, these tips will help you bounce back in seven days flat. Cosmo guarantee!

Day 1: You've just found out your guy was cheating on you and are feeling miserable and, yes, used. The first thing to do would be to call a friend who you can speak with. It might actually NOT be your best friend. Choose someone who's more neutral and will listen to you without being judgemental. The fact that the person doesn't know too much about the relationship will help you open up, compared to someone who has intimate knowledge about your twosome and is likely to give his/her version of why the guy was cheating on you or details of his previous cheat sessions. Don't stop the tears as you speak, because that's what will help you get rid of the pain you feel in your heart.Try to not be alone; instead follow up the conversation with a girls' night out, or go catch a movie. If you can't bring yourself to head out, get back home and tune into your favourite music. Music often has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Draft a text or an e-mail to your ex telling him what you exactly think of him, but don't send it. As you let the hurt and anger flow into words, you're bound to feel lighter, without the damage caused by actually uttering them.

Day 2: Don't skip work or college the next morning (unless your ex is from the same office or college). The more involved you keep yourself in other things, the better it is. Also, the first step to get over the man and the break-up is by beginning to speak about it. Don't try to hide the rift from your college friends or close colleagues -when you confide, you don't feel alone. Also, chances are, at least half the people you share the story with will have a similar or a more heartwrenching story to tell, and at the end of hearing them out, what you have gone through will seem like child's play. Then go shopping! There's hardly a better way to ensure your mind's off that cad!

Day 3: Reserve today for some old-buddy chats! Catch up with really old friends with who you can have a blast over the good ol' school or college days. Natter about the silly things you did in school, the crushes you had, the teachers you hated, and the classes you bunked! Rewinding to those happy, almost trouble-free days will immediately lighten the weight on your heart. At the end of the sesh, you'll say to yourself, "Life's not so bad after all!" And who knows, one of the friends you had in s c h o o l o r c o l l e g e might have metamorphosed into the kinda guy you dig, and here could be your chance to start connecting with someone new! However, be under no misconception- you will keep thinking of your ex and tears will roll down those lovely eyes once in a while- let them flow because they will help you heal. Also, don't stop yourself from writing some nasty texts to the scumbag, your choice whether to send it or not.

Day 4: The activities over the last three days have helped you heal a bit and now you can hope to look back at the break-up more objectively than emotionally. And that's exactly what you should do today-look at why being with your ex wasn't such a cool deal after all. List out all the negative qualities that your ex had with unmitigated honesty on a piece of paper and preserve it. This is one of the best ways to pacify your aching heart and coax it into believing that this is the best thing to have happened to you! Just be ruthlessly truthful with yourself while making the list. Don't forget to pen down how he almost behaved as if you didn't exist everytime he met his sexy colleague in the nightclub. Write out specific instances of when he misbehaved or was rude to you. Detail the actual incident when you caught him cheating. Every time you feel weak and think that you'll be making a phone call to him, just dredge this list out and read it over and over again…Your fingers will automatically not dial his number since you will not want to go through all the torture again.

Day 5: Feeling better! Today, do what you've missed out on for all these months or years while you were spending all your evenings and weekends with that undeserving idiot. We women often tend to cut down on our 'me' time or things that we like to do when we're dating because our world begins to revolve around the boyfriend's schedule. In fact, the people you tend to ignore the most when you are caught in a serious relationship are your family members-so make some time now to meet up for a family get-together. Not only will you make up for being in absentia while you were a twosome, you will feel stronger and healed with all the love you are sure to get from them. We often underestimate the strength and positive energy that we can draw from being around our immediate family-they only people who love us unconditionally and absolutely.

Also, plan some timeout with old pals who you've avoided all this while because you didn't have time, catch up on a hobby class, watch a play or just pick up the book you've been meaning to read for a while. In short, pamper yourself and do things you could have never done when you were in an all-consuming relationship.

Day 6: So, you've caught up with friends, family, and done your own thing. Also, you've told yourself exactly why your ex doesn't deserve to be in your life. Feeling single again? Today could well be the day when you want to meet up a new guy. No, we aren't suggesting you jump from one relationship to the other but meeting people didn't do anyone any harm. So, where do you produce this guy from, you ask? Well, he could either be a casual bud you've been meaning to meet once, or a friend's friend you met at a do and found interesting but never really chatted up because you were in a relationship, or an old pal from school or college you always liked but things didn't quite work out, or even the office hottie who seemed smitten but the two of you never really got the chance to hang since he knew you were seriously dating someone. A word of caution though- keep this meeting very casual and don't start talking about your ex else you run the risk of boring him completely!

Day 7: So, you had a great time last evening-superb! Now, just wait for the phone to ring or the texts to start flowing and head out for another fun session within seven days of your break up! We told you, you could move on...