5 Interesting Reasons for Masturbation That Men Want You to Know

#2 is just the basic one!




Shag and regret ? Duh!

There are more than one reason for guys to masturbate. Let us admit that we aren't guilty of doing it while lounging on our couches or when our one hand scrolls the 'categories', while the other do its 'thang'. Ever wondered what actually makes your guy to do the five finger shuffle? We've got you a list! Read on...

1. We're Home Alone

If Peter Mc Callister from the 'Home Alone' movie was a bit older, he would've blessed our screens with some serious NSFW stuff! We hate being lonely, and to be left with our lil soldier all by ourselves, so why not march a parade?

2. Or… When We're 'ALONE' Alone

Forever Loners get more Boners! Quoting Miss Rachel Green from Friends "No Ross, I live with Phoebe, but you're 'alone' alone". Lonely, single, sad or whatever. Guys tend to play with their rod of pleasure more often when they do not have a pal to play along with. These lyrics from 'Here Without You Baby' by 3 Doors Down have given us feels:

"Im here without you baby, But you're still on my lonely mind.

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.

I'm here without you baby

But you're still with me in my dreams

And tonight girl, it's only you and me."

Erotic thoughts and fantasies striking your empty mind… WHEWW!

3. The Stress is Just Too Much to Handle

Cause what's better than shooting out your load of stress and anxieties in one blow of the pistol? Won't bring the whole 'brain-releasing- the-dopamine' crap here cause let's get this thing straight, we ain't talking science! But masturbation is considered as 'one of the best' sleeping pills and stress reliever'. The sleep after the deed! Only guys can understand.

4. When We're Too 'Hot to Trot'

We'll give you 1 in 101 techniques to get away with horny-ness. Just shake hands with the unemployed. It's the truth! Guys don't carry 'Vajayjays', so I can't exactly tell what to do with it in your steamy hours. But if you carry a 'sausage' in your pants, NUT IT!

5. It Makes Us Happy, Healthy and Safe

"I love Myself and I don't need anyone else" – Hailee Steinfeld.

Spending quality time with yourself surely puts you in a good mood. Forget about the 'hairier palms' or the 'physical weakness' myths about masturbation. Getting in touch with yourself, calming your nerves and exploiting yourself for your own pleasure is sure shot boost of self -esteem. How would you ever know, how your body responds sexually? Going solo makes us happy, confident and sexually healthy. Just pick the right time, get some erotic media if you want or just let your brain do the work. It's safe and very 'handy'. Period!