Sexy Moves To Try On Your Girl Tonight

Moves that'll take your efforts from fine to fantastic.




A man's idea of sexy isn't always in sync with what a woman finds carnally captivating. It's not that we completely despise a loving boob grab or being called baby.those things are fine. And that's where the problem lies, that's what it is. just fine. Cosmo this month has come up with moves that'll take your efforts from fine to fantastic.

Ditch the generic compliment

When you say "you have a great ass," her immediate thought is Of course he thinks that.he's a butt guy. Instead, "pick out on characteristics that are particular to her and compliment her on those," says Los Angeles therapist Shannon Fox, Ph.D. For example, "It's so cute when your hair curls behind your ear like that" or "I love the little sigh sound you make when we're kissing". it sounds much more sincere. "Women don't mind hearing that they have a great body; it should just sound more meaningful.and believable.she loves it when you pay a compliment that really taps in to her individuality," notes Fox.

Look at her

During an orgasm, it's natural to close your eyes and go off to some faraway pleasure island in your mind. But in order to show that you're totally focused on being with her, try to make eye contact while you peak. "It's such a powerful way to connect during a very vulnerable yet erotic moment," says Linda Savage, Ph.D., a sex therapist in San Diego.

Worship her body

We understand the temptation to focus only on her erogenous zones.you've been taught to do that. But, "touching other areas of her body, can also feel good," says Savage. Try running your fingers down her thigh or circle her belly button with your tongue. "Besides getting her off, it'll make her happy that you are discovering her non-sexual parts as well," says Savage.

Be selfless in bed

It takes a really special guy (and willpower) to say to a woman: "It's all about you tonight". She'll be excited by your willingness to put your orgasm on hold, to ensure that she has a totally hot experience. "Find different modes of stimulation.rub lotion on her back, please her orally," suggests Fox. "Extended efforts show that you're truly committed to her satisfaction.