How These Couples Found Love On Skype

Cosmo caught up with four girls who owe everything, including their romance, to technology!




Cosmo caught up with four girls who owe everything, including their romance, to technology!

Anushka & Ramendra

"Skype helped us bond!"

"I was 25, working in Delhi, and still single when my parents decided that it was time for me to 'settle down'. It was a Sunday morning and I was fast asleep when my mum entered my room begging me (literally!) to not embarrass her and meet someone on Skype. I couldn't believe what she'd just told me! After a short argument, I gave in. There he was in USA, all dressed up, waiting to chat with me, and here I was, with smudged kohl and swollen eyes...yawning and disinterested.

The conversation was awkward, and I scrutinised his face and behaviour. Then, one evening, I was out with friends when I got an SMS from him. Happy (and a little high), I responded. I reached home and he called on Skype. We got on really well and, after a few phone calls, we began Skyping. It was a great way for us to talk faceto-face, and many Skype sessions later, he confessed over a chat window that he liked me and wanted to take things forward. He flew down and we spent some time in Delhi. When he went back, Skype became a way of life. Soon, I went to the USA to meet him, and we fell in love! I married him three months ago...still a little amazed that I first met him on Skype."

Nitya & Suraj

"We fell in love, before we'd met!"

"Ours was an arranged marriage and our parents introduced us. Suraj was in Singapore that time and I was working in Gurgaon. We'd only spoken a couple  of times on the phone. So one day, I insisted that I wanted to see him, so he came on Skype. That was the first time I saw him. We were both very nervous, but I remember smiling after our first chat, thinking he's really cute and enthusiastic. A few days later, I was out travelling for work, when Suraj called and said that he wanted to talk. I had a laptop which didn't have a web cam, a choppy network and an excited Suraj on the other side. The call lasted only a few mins (for which I did my hair for 25 mins and applied make-up that didn't look 'made up'!), but it was worth it...there was an instant connection! Our Skype chats became regular, and were our only way of getting to know each other (and falling in love), before we would finally meet in December. I kept telling my parents that I won't decide until I meet him in person, but my friends already knew what I didn't want to accept-that we were head over heels in love, even before we met, all thanks to Skype."

Ashna & Vignesh

"Our first date was on Skype!"

"It all started with the hunt of the perfect groom. After some apprehension, I registered with a matrimonial website, but one year and five guys later, I still hadn't found my Prince Charming. Finally, I arrived at Vignesh's profile.

It looked good-a 27 year-old entrepreneur, settled in Australia. I decided to give it a shot and get to know him. We began chatting over Whatsapp, and our first conversation went on for eight hours! After a week, we decided to take things to the next level-Skype! It was our first official date, and I was both excited and nervous. I didn't have to worry, though, because our first date went great, and we continued to meet over Skype for the next week. Before we knew it, we had fallen in love with each other, and knew he was The One. All my life, I've believed in the rule that you must date a guy for at least six months before sealing the deal, but before I knew it, I was ready to say 'I do' over the Internet. My parents were a little surprised (shocked, really), but they were so happy for me. We got engaged in August and by November, we were married. Our lives completely changed in just a few months!"

Tanvi & Ankit

"Skype helped bring us back together!"

"Ankit and I got back with each other (we'd broken up when I was in Delhi) while I was studying in England, and the only way to sustain our relationship was through Skype. We were nervous about surviving this period, but Skype made it less difficult. I still remember our first video call, which made us realise that we can make it through this phase and have something to look forward to. We'd call each other religiously every day-there was a point when I preferred Skyping to going out. We'd leave our video call on while going to bed, so we could feel each other's presence. One of the best features on my phone was that I could call Ankit on Skype via my mobile (like face time), which meant I didn't have to wait to be near a laptop. Long distance relationships are so hard to maintain, especially when the distance is of two countries, and Skype helped bring us back-and stay-together."