Sex Moves That Your G-Spot Will Absolutely LOVE!

Go wild!




You've probably heard about this headline-grabbing study from earlier this year: when researchers at King's College in London asked approximately 1,800 women if they believed they had a G-spot, only 56 percent replied yes. Supposedly, the low number cast doubt on the existence of the G.

Well, that didn't go over too well with us here at Cosmo, especially since the most well-respected sex experts in the world have confirmed that (1) the G-spot definitely is real and (2) every woman on the planet has one. So we conducted our own online poll of Cosmo readers and the results were right in line with what we've always known.

Of the more than 2,000 of you who responded, 75 per cent said you believe all women have a G-spot. (If you're part of the 25 per cent who have yet to make its acquaintance, don't worry-our G-spotting instructions, at right, will change that.)

But knowing how to find this extra-sensitive area inside your vagina is just the beginning of the fun. Like your clitoris, the G can be incorporated in countless ways into every stage of sex, from foreplay to orgasm, transforming what you already thought was an amazing experience even more passionate and deeply intimate.

And you won't be the only one reaching a whole new level of satisfaction. As your guy uses these touches, tricks, and positions to turn you on like never before, he'll get randier right along with you. By the time you get to the grand finale-the Blended G-gasm-you won't know where his body ends and yours begins.

It's a whole new arena of incredible sensations opening up to you and you need to be prepared for the blitzkrieg. What's more, you'll be plumbing new levels of intimacy with your man which the two of you haven't even imagined. There's a reason why we swear by the tricks we've compiled for you here.

They'll ensure your sex life goes from Level 1 to Level Sky, with just a teeny-weeny bit of effort from both of you. So what are you waiting for? Grab a quiet corner and start memorising the mantras we've incorporated in these pages. Soon you'll be getting G-gy with it!

Bliss on tap

A gentle two-finger tapping motion against your G-spot will stimulate the area and focus your attention right where it should be. Try it yourself or have your guy slip two fingers inside you and then tap your G lightly, alternating taps with each fingertip. "The taps excite the nerves near your G over and over, so each one feels like it's the first time you're being touched," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., author of The Better S e x Gu id e To Ex t r a o r di n a r y Lovemaking.

The wind shield wiper

While tapping creates one type of tension, constant contact provides another that's just as good. Graze your fingertip (or have your guy graze his) across your G-spot the way a window wiper swipes a windshield. The side-to-side touch sets off nerve endings and creates a spillover effect of pleasure.

Gimme a 'C'

While spooning against your guy, get him to insert one or two fingers inside your vagina and gently stroke your G. After a few minutes, have him place the pad of his thumb just above or below your clitoris, so his whole hand forms a 'C' shape.

Encourage him to massage your clitoris while applying light then firmer pressure to your G-spot as you become more and more aroused. "The nerves of your clitoris extend all the way by your G, so having both spots stroked at the same time creates intense desire," explains Fulbright.


Kneel on the bed, your knees comfortably spread and your torso upright. Have your guy kneel right behind you and ease in his finger or thumb pad so he's touching your G-spot. As he softly teases and strokes it, encourage him to caress (and/or kiss) your breasts simultaneously, especially your nipples, so both erogenous zones swell and harden in arousal, says Laura Berman, Ph.D., assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and oB-Gyn at Feinberg School of Medicine at northwestern University, Chicago, US, and author of The Love Book.

G-spot joyride

The best sex style for stimulating your G is woman on top: you control the depth and pacing, and tilting your body back just a little allows his penis to massage your front vaginal wall. "Straddle him, your feet flat on the bed, knees bent and pointing to the ceiling. Lean forward, hands on his hips for balance, and move your hips up and down," says Fulbright. "you'll find what angle is hottest for you."

Full press

Here's an awesome position for when you're feeling lazy: climb on top of him as he's lying on his back, then lean backward so your back rests on his chest, and slide his penis inside you. you have to thrust only a tiny bit to feel his penis against your G.

Behind you 100 per cent

Doggie-style offers easy G access. Get on your hands and knees, your butt angled high. Keep your legs close together as he kneels behind you and enters you. "By keeping your legs tight, you restrict the vagina so it feels snug, and his penis strokes your G with each motion," says Berman.

Missionary control

Missionary doesn't really get your G-spot going. This twist puts you two on a more G-friendly angle, says Berman. Lie back, propping your pelvis with a few pillows under your butt, then tuck your knees into your chest before he enters you. As with the previous move, your vaginal walls will be pushed closer together, allowing his penis to graze your hot spot.

Lap dance

This position provides maximum closeness. While your guy sits cross-legged, scoot onto his lap and ease his penis inside you, extending your legs comfortably. Have him hold your hips while you recline-you can grab his shoulders for support. The upward angle lets his penis stroke your front vaginal wall continuously; with your bodies wrapped tightly together, says Berman, you'll feel incredibly intimate.

Served hot

Next time things heat up in the kitchen, lean back on a high table or counter, bracing yours arms against the surface for support. Wrap your legs around his waist, and angle your hips so your guy can enter you as he stands. You want your vagina to be parallel to or slightly above his hips,

allowing his penis to aim toward your navel so it can connect with your G-spot, says Berman. Then ask him to stand still while you move your vagina in circles around his penis.

The blended G-gasm

We saved the best for last: lie facedown, and slide a pillow under your pelvis so it tilts up slightly. Have your man lay his body on top of yours and enter you from behind. As he plunges, his penis will stroke your G continually, says Fulbright. Here's the really good part: have him slide his hand between your pelvis and the pillow, and play with your clitoris with two or three fingertips. He should start off with slow strokes, then speed up both as you become more aroused. With your G-spot and clitoris receiving such an unbelievable amount of direct sensation, you'll likely achieve a powerful, blended climax that's the very epitome of G-spot satisfaction.