The Big Cosmo Flirting Experiment

There's tonnes of research available on the rules of attraction, but what really works? A Cosmo reader flirts to find the best...




There's tonnes of research available on the rules of attraction, but what really works? A Cosmo reader flirts to find the best...

Wear red, smile while talking and makes tonnes of eye contact...there's so much info available when it comes to the art of flirting. But which tricks truly charm that cute guy across the bar. We challenged 25-year-old Chandni Sareen to go out and put top techniques to the test!

Technique 1

Project a positive attitude

"I'd read this book called 101 Ways To Flirt: How To Get More Dates And Meet Your Mate, by Susan Rabin and Barbara Lagowski, that said that "guys are intrigued by women who appear happy, outgoing and engaged as opposed to those who look mopey, angry or desperate," so I decided to start my challenge by giving this a shot. I went out for a date with a guy I'd known briefly, and put on my cheeriest mood. I didn't bore with him with things like, 'I had such a rough day,' and instead chose to focus on things that interested me. I spent the evening smiling and being a patient (and interested) listener. I think it worked, because he messaged later saying that he had a great evening."

Technique 2

Carry a cute prop with you

"I think this is a great trick and I've been using it for a very long time. Quirky props act as great conversation starters and attract a lot of attention. I have this twin ring that I wear all the time. It's colourful and is shaped like a bug sitting on my finger. I get a lot of guys walking upto me and starting the conversation with, 'Oh, for a minute I thought it was an actual bug'. It works everytime."

Technique 3

Wear the colour red to get attention

"According to research, red has the potential to attract men. Seemed easy enough to work, so for a night out with friends, I put on a red bandage dress. It was possibly the combination of a tight dress and bright dress, because I noticed the difference as soon as I stepped into the club. I got more glances from guys than usual, and I could literally feel myself standing out from the crowd. A lot of guys walked upto me, some even complimented the way I looked. Verdict: red really is the colour of seduction!"

Technique 4

Be sexy, feel sexy

"Sexy for me is being strong and bold. To try out this technique, I put on a blingy dress, wore some chunky bracelets and my favourite Steve Madden heels to a club. I feel that when you dress a certain way, you feel more confident about yourself and that is what makes the difference. I had a lot of fun that evening-6 guys tried to chat me up!"

Technique 5

Twirl yo ur hair and flip it back and forth

"I'd heard my friends talk about this trick, but always thought it was too subtle to actually work. To test it, I intentionally played with my hair and flipped it back and forth while having a casual conversation with a guy. The guy I was chatting with noticed I was upto something...then asked me if everything was alright. This trick totally backfired! Rather than coming across as flirtatious, I appeared anxious, and maybe nervous, because he soon excused himself and never came back! I'm never trying this again!

Technique 6

Look over your shoulder

"To master this technique, you must stand tall with your back arched (wearing heels helps!), and look over your shoulder. I think this posture works because it exposes the arch of your back and makes you look all sexy and feminine. At a friend's party, I stood near the bar, and made a couple of my friends stand in the opposite direction. As a result, I made most of my conversation talking over my shoulder. It helped me make eye contact with men, and while it took nearly an hour to see results, one guy saw me from across the room and asked if I'd like another drink."

Technique 7

Casually touch a guy's arm while talking

"To test this technique, I casually brushed a guy's arm five times during a friendly conversation. But I don't think it worked because he continued talking to me, and never asked for my number."

Technique 8

Maintain eye Contact for four seconds

"I was a little skeptical about this technique, because isn't four seconds a little too long to stare at a complete stranger? But it wasn't awkward at all when I tried it out. I was at a party with my girlfriend, and saw this cute guy, so I casually walked past him, looking at him for full four seconds (I actually counted in my head!) smiling just a little bit. I think that piqued his interest, because 10 minutes later, he came up to me and offered to buy me a drink (score!)"

Technique 9

Compliment his humour

"Laughing is supposed to work because it makes men feel at ease and works as an ice-breaker. I met this cute guy at a bar, and could sense that he wanted to talk to me, but was feeling a bit shy. So when he said something (slightly) funny, I laughed out loud like it was a great joke! I think that helped him feel more confident, because we ended up chatting for a long time."