50 (More) Things You Can Do Naked!

Hanging out in the nude has some serious benefits too!




There's no doubt that doing everyday things, like washing dishes or checking your e-mail, is a hell of alot more entertaining (and hilarious) when you're naked. But hanging out in the nude has some serious benefits too. "When you're wearing nothing, you can't hide behind anything, so you feel free to really be yourself," says clinical therapist Krista Bloom, Ph.D., co-author of Wake Up Moments Of Inspiration. Check out this list of fun and totally easy ways to be, um, 100 percent you with your guy, while alone, and with your girlfriends (yep, we went there).

Try these with your guy

1. Challenge him to a game of Scrabble. You get bonus points for synonyms for each other's naughty bits.

2. Send him an E-vite for a naked dinner and make sure to serve foods with dirty innuendos so you can say things like "Please pass the juicy sausage."

3. Play touch by numbers. Use a washable marker to number your body parts in the order you want your guy to pay attention to them (for example, put a big 1 on your neck, 2 on your boobs, etc.). Then have him do the same, and go on a hunt for each other's hot spots.

4 Spoon on the couch and watch DVDs. Choose a naughty classic like Cruel Intentions to up the sexiness factor.

5 Skinny-dip. Just keep some clothes nearby for a quick escape...and avoid the kiddie pool.

6 Play Truth or Dare. Being naked really ups the ante.

7 Here's one for the tech savvy duo: test the Safe Sexting iPhone app. Take pics of each other with your phone, then use the app to choose different size boxes to censor your lady parts and his package.

8 Wash the car (only if you've got a garage!). Urge him to reach for hardto-get spots so you can really check him out from all angles. You can also join in to give him the full sudsy effect. It's fun and it'll get you both tingling!

9 Cuddle up in the same sleeping bag. Lying under the stars is more romantic when you're skin-on-skin.

10 Slow dance to a sensual song (think anything by John Legend). Ignore your high school dances' no-grinding rule and just let it rip! Shakira got it totally right about your hips not lying!

11 Bake cupcakes, and go a little wild with the frosting. 'Accidentally' smear some icing on your chest and ask him to lick it off.

12 Initiate a game of I Spy using each other's bodies. One way to crack him up: "I spy something that is huge and hard and feels so good."

13 Make up funny naked-007-type names (of course, the classic Pussy Galore would work too) and call each other them as you're doing ordinary stuff.

14 Let him watch you shower. If you soap up together, he's too close to you to enjoy the view. Leave up the clear plastic liner, then put on a show-bend over to shave your legs, arch your back while you wash your hair, and so on.

15 Play reverse strip poker. The winner of each hand gets to choose an item of clothing, like a tie or a shoe, for the other to put back on.

16 Stay in for a red-wine tasting sans clothes. Then when you inevitably spill on yourself, it'll be no big deal.

17 Declare a whipped cream showdown. Use cans of the white stuff as your 'guns'. Optional: cleaning up using only your mouths.

18 Pose in a silly position and have your guy finger-paint your portrait, then switch.

19 Break out the portable slide in your backyard. It'll be easier to glide without all that friction from those pesky clothes.

20 Have a Lady Gaga face-off. Your guy doing his best Poker Face without pants is an image you'll never forget...and he'll love watching you shake your tight little tush to Bad Romance.

21 Wrestle. You'll get hot views of each other's bodies and ample inspiration for new sex moves.

22 Host a casino party for two. Whoever loses the most games has to streak outside the perimeter of the house.

23 Give each other back scratches. Lightly rake your fingernails over his skin. It's naked nirvana.

Try these solo

24 Do your laundry buck naked. All your clothes are dirty anyway.

25 Update your Facebook status. The best part is that your 648 friends won't know that you're typing in the raw. Isn't that a kick?

26 Give yourself a mani. Being stripped down will get you into the spa mood. Red nail varnish, bare skin...aaah!

27 Do a Jennifer Aniston in The Breakup as she strolls nonchalantly naked in front of Vince Vaughn. This time the mirror shall be the one you're trying to impress!

28 Stand in front of the mirror, and perfect your rap-video booty shake.

29 Air-dry post-shower and zone out to a playlist of your favorite songs.

30 Run a naked race (sneakers don't count) around your house. You'll love the bare-bones workout.

31 Bid on eBay. Wearing nada will make you feel ballsy, so you'll get exactly what you want, don't you think?

32 Eat breakfast. There's nothing blah about oatmeal when you're nude, plus you'll avoid getting your outfit dirty before work.

33 Do a workout DVD like Pilates or yoga. You'll get the benefits of a naked Zen class without having to see some dude's saggy balls in downward dog.

34 Read the news. Being naked, without a doubt, will take the edge off downer headlines about the economy or the millionth celeb divorce this year.

35 Upgrade your sheets to a silky or supersoft cotton material, and curl up for the best nap ever.

36 Read our G-spot story and find your magic button.

37 Relax in a steam room, or make your own in your bathroom (just run extra-hot water in the shower for a few minutes with the door closed).

38 Make the phone calls you've been putting off, like to the bank or cable company. Scheduling your meetings for the next week is also a viable option. Since a lot of this takes forever, it's an ideal time to chill out nude.

39 Give your best Oscar acceptance speech in front of the mirror and picture Gerard Butler drooling in the audience.

40 Exfoliate your entire body. Now that the weather is warmer, you want your skin to be smooth. Make a scrub using 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, and a dash of cinnamon.

41 Try out new make-up techniques. Without anything on, you'll be able to see if the look is perfect for you.

42 Do a cartwheel naked just so you can say you've done it.

43 Strip down, download a few episodes of Glee, and and try the routines there. Imagine bad-boy Puck is your partner.

44 Break in new heels. It's the ideal time to practice your man-eating strut.

Try these with your friends

45 Splurge on a massage treatment. De-stressing will help you all feel close without having to talk a tonne.

46 Clean your wardrobes. Try on clothes for one another; friends vote what stays, what goes.

47 Get exfoliated. It's a pain in the ass to exfoliate hard-to-reach spots, like your lower back, by yourself. Ask a friend to help you slather on the stuff so your hide feels smooth.

48 Hit a friend's private jacuzzi. Bring some cheap champagne and play a round of poker once you're out of the water.

49 Shop for lingerie. Unlike a three-way mirror, your BFF will tell you when your boobs look fab.

50 Get Brazilians together for moral support. Opt for a crazy shape.