5 Sex Positions for a Lazy Morning in Bed Together




Few things feel as coupley as waking up in bed all sleepy-eyed and cuddly with your significant other. Next weekend, instead of leaping out of bed to Get Stuff Done, hang out awhile and spend a sexy morning in bed.

1) The Snuggle F*ck

Face your partner and get yourselves all tangled up. Gently grind against each other, wrapping a leg around to guide their thrusts. Slide the other hand down between your bodies for extra stimulation if straight-up penetration isn't gonna quite do it for you. Take your time and notice how lucky you are to both be in bed enjoying this nowhere-else-to-be moment together.

2) The Lazy Sunday

Instead of shower sex, try a leisurely bath. Bring coffees or mimosas and take your time soaping each other up. Sit between your partner's legs, lean back against their chest and let them rub you to orgasm. Once/if you recover, switch places and do the same for them. For the full-on official Lazy Sunday experience, follow with cupcakes and Netflix in bed.

3) The Snooze Alarm

Avoid morning breath issues by facing the other damn way. Your partner enters from behind while you're lying on your stomach, then adjust your legs so that theirs are outside of yours. For a (too) well-endowed dude, tilt your hips forward, for a smaller guy, press your legs tightly together and tilt back for deeper penetration.

4) The Wake-Up Call

When they start to stir, murmur in their ear that you want your mouth on their (whatever-you-call-their-genital-equipment). If yes—or hell yes—kiss your way down their body while they float between wakefulness and sleep. Lift their legs over your shoulders and use your mouth and hands in a slow sleepy rhythm. And if things get too slippery, messy, etc—the shower's right there.

5) The Slotted Spoon

Before transitioning between wake-up spoon and We are Doing It Spoon, put your hand over theirs, moving it as you'd usually touch yourself (a teachable moment!). Just before you orgasm, let that insistent morning boner that's been pressing on your back finally slip inside.

Images: Katie Buckleitner