17 Signs You're Dating A Bangalore Boy

He's more Hendrix than Hermès...




#1 Your holiday repertoire together is likely to be Kodai/ Ooty/ whatever hill station he can currently score some green.

#2 Yes, he just called you "macha". Yes, he'll do it again. Prepare for liberal usage of "da" "di" and "enthufied cutlet" as well.

#3 To the Benga boy, wearing lipstick to dinner qualifies as "how come you got all dressed up?"

#5 You hear a loud laugh from a rowdy group in public and the next words out of his mouth are "damn North Indians!"

#6 His idea of a birthday present is a day-trip to Wonderla. Oh, and "anything you want...from Tibetan Plaza". 

#7 Saturday night = Pecos. Who needs crowd enthusiasm and pumping beats when you have cold, diluted beer and Frank Zappa on loop?

#8 His big budget "special occasion" dinner place is Spiga.

#9 Low-budget dates were a roll at Fanoos with lime soda from the guy across (All 46 Flavours!)

#10 a) If you started dating in school, you probably met him at Cascades.

b) If you started dating in college, you met him at a Christ/ Joseph's fest.

c) If you started dating at work, you probably met him at Goldman Sachs.

#11 On a pretty major level, he think romance is eyes meeting over a shared cake fudge at Corner House. 

#12 He's all about feminism, baby...(translated loosely: going dutch).

#13 The one date you'll NEVER go on? Watching Bollywood anything. "Salman Khan! Yuck, Da."

#14 He has at least TWO friends in his life who a) come over to listen to Pink Floyd on Sundays. b) are waiters at a local pub.

#15 Going for a drive = "Mysore Road, bro!"

#16 He probably has no idea who Honey Singh is until it blares from some car speaker and he cringes and groans "sh*t, that guy!"

#17 He's not looking at how much your dress hugs your curves. He cares more about whether you read that article on net neutrality on HuffPost.