15 Signs You're Dating a Delhi Boy

Get ready for a gym card and #TheFarmHouseLife...




​1) Paying on a date = absolute no-no. The standard post-candlelit evening finish-flourish includes a quick whipping-out of his card before you can even do the Dutch-going math (and, you know, an adorable smile to match).

2) If his grandfather's from Delhi, the odds are he's a green-carder at the Delhi Gymkhana Club. Get used to a lot of nights drinking at a classy, old-school bar with a little 'I'm-with-privilege' stamp on your forehead.

3) Honey Singh = Only when drunk just enough (and no, it's not on his Most-Played list. Metallica probably is, though. #JustSaying)

4) The minute he meets someone who went to his school (batch no bar), you can expect an excited uproar/slap-on-the-back ("Barakhamba? Barakhamba! No way, bro!")

5) He has an iPhone. If he doesn't have an iPhone, it's because it's 'in the shop, getting fixed'. 

6) He has at least seven pages he's liked on his profile that are in the vicinity of 'Justice for Women in Delhi!' or '#NoConsentNoSex'

7) Wardrobe Staple: Aviators (99% of the time—bottle green).

8) If you're out with him at a club, remember: dancing = a-HELL-no. (Or, you know, he'll just shuffle his feet to music with a smoke in tow. #DudeModeOn)

9) If you met him in summer, you probably met him at a pool party at a farmhouse in Chhatarpur

10) If you met him in winter, you probably met him at a wedding.

11) They're good with shopping excursions. He may not be able to handle a gaggle of gal-pals thrown into the equation, but he'll follow you with loyalty and love as you spend seven hours browsing through black t-shirts at Zara.

12)  He can SERIOUSLY put a meal away. Don't share anything on a date; there will nothing to divide unless you learnt the art of inhaling spaghetti in your youth...

13) He almost definitely has a gym membership (where do you think all that food gets to?). He might even convince YOU to get one, telling you that getting the couple's package will make life so much more fun.

14) You'll soon notice that everybody's a 'bro'. From a rickshaw driver to his best friend of 17 years. Acquaintance established = bro card earned. 

15) "Guys night" is Delhi guy code for "Let's crack open a few beers and get totally sh*tfaced!"