This Video Shows Exactly What the Problem is With Dating in India

And it's hilarious as hell!




​And they've done it again! We all know and love All India Bakchod, but we especially love their hilarious videos. Indian Mario, Genius of the Year, Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan, the list is endless. And this time around, Truly Madly, the dating app, collaborated with the comedy collective to talk about a problem that's rampant in India, one that's the reality of every Indian girl: the existence of 'creepy' guys!

The video features a Qawwali sequence where two groups of women compete about whose 'admirer' is creepier. While one's sends her lame Facebook messages saying 'oh beb ur relly kewt…handsum k paas ajao...', the other one's creep keeps stalking her dressed as the liftman, the pizza delivery guy and whatnot.

The video eventually ends with the two women realizing that they were being stalked by the same guy and a message issued in public interest, "Don't let boy browsing turn into creep browsing. Date wisely."

Here, check out the video.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEC0pKHJKNM[/youtube]

It's as real and hilarious as it gets. I'm definitely ROFL with the description of the creepy guys in the video, and sure, I've encountered a couple of them. But what does this video mean?

Are the guys on dating apps and sites any less 'creepy' than the ones who stalk you on Facebook or loiter near your house? I'm not so sure.

But whether you meet you Prince Charming there or not, at least you got a funny video out of it. Right?