How to Glow Up Your Love Life in 2019

Here's to stronger relationships, better sex, and waaaay less disappointing Tinder dates.

Whether 2018 was the year you fell in love for the first time, went through the worst breakup of your life, or experienced enough bad first dates to last you a lifetime, a new year is all about growth.

So whatever you may want to work on for 2019, we got you. Here's everything we learned in 2018 about love, dating, sex, and more—and how you can carry those lessons over to the new year.

If you've had ZERO luck on dating apps:

If you're terrified of making the first move:

If you've got first date fatigue:

  • Try some date ideas that don't suck.
  • Skip the bar and go on a walk (which, BTW, is also totally free).
  • Follow these tips from the experts: people who have been on successful first dates.
  • Do a birth chart reading on your first date.
  • Plan a much better second date, which matters more anyway.

If you want to get better at reading cues:

If you're a little bored in your relationship:

If you keep fighting with your S.O. over dumb stuff:

If your sex life feels kinda strained:

If you want a little more romance in your relationship:

If you're really not sure about staying together:

If you had your heart broken in 2018:

If you keep dating douchebags and don't know why:

If you're *still* not over your ex:

If all you want right now is a really good sex toy:

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