OMG! Is a Condom Emoji Next?

This could change the way you sext!




​Ever wondered how boring your texts used to look before Emojis came along?

Or the fact that now you can send a text using just emojis, and no words at all! And while we had a whole set of emojis to choose from before, we can now use emojis of any race, flags of every country, food like tacos, unicorns, and even the middle finger.

That's a lot of choice.

But you know the emoji we're still missing? A condom emoji!

And that's why Durex (your friendly, neighbourhood Condom brand) has actually launched a campaign to tell the guys who do make emojis (that's Unicode Consortium), to make a condom emoji too.

Here, check out their campaign:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7iKgKpkWfU[/youtube]

I know, I know, #CondomEmoji seems like a frivolous campaign at first, but Durex makes a point. How do you emoji-text someone that you want to have safe sex?

You can't.

That's why, Durex has launched this campaign that urges all of you to use #CondomEmoji as much as you can. And what 's more, with World AIDS Day around the corner (it's on December 1 by the way, in case you didn't know) Durex's campaign is the perfect way to raise awareness about the importance of using condoms, and contribute in the fight to prevent HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

And it's pretty darn cool if you think about it. This may be what we need to put an end to the shame and embarrassment that a lot of young people feel when it comes to condoms.

Plus, this is the most creative safe sex campaign we've seen so far. Who knows, it might just work. If you have an emoji to remind you of it, you'll probably remember to use it.

We have a hundred emojis to use already, a #CondomEmoji wouldn't hurt!