11 Love Advice Given By Bollywood That Would NEVER Work!

Because constantly harassing bae doesn't work IRL




DISCLAIMER: Following love hacks are not meant to be taken seriously.

1) Airport regulations don't apply to you if you're in love. If the love of your life is leaving you forever and ever, you are permitted to run through the airports, ignoring all security precautions and you should throw a random passenger around for good measure to get to the said love of your life.

2) If the person YOU'VE  broken up with marries someone you should become an alcoholic and go around saying you don't have anything to live for. Looking at you, Devdas....

3) Bae wouldn't know you love them until you say it with your blood. Literally. So general declarations of love do not cut it. Until and unless you do something drastic (like cut yourself) or threaten to jump off a building, your love isn't true.

4) If you want someone to fall in love with you, become friends with them. And then complain about being in the friendzone forever. So this is not the worst advice given by Bollywood though, but it's right up there.

5) The only solution to get over someone after a break up is to marry someone else (who you may or may not love). And then have that wedding stopped dramatically by your ex, which is a perfectly rational reason as you're in love.

6) If you're fighting to death for your love (which you will) then you will nearly die but you can be revived again by the tears/anguished scream of said love. #TrueStory

7) When faced with an ultimatum , by your love's cruel father/fiance or any other circumstances, leave your love cuz you noble. Do not clarify or give any rational explanation to your partner. They don't deserve it because you're doing it for their good.

8) Bae will never realize that he/she loves you until you conform to a set standard of beauty. You need to give up your personality and the way you like to dress to have the love of your life realize that you're the love of their life too. 

9) If a girl rejects you the first time, you need to harass her until her 'no' becomes a 'yes'. Because persistence = eternal love. Also, these are EXACTLY the lyrics from a song (from Tere Naam, no kidding!)

10) Jump to conclusions after any misunderstanding in your relationship and leave. Because texting someone to clear things up before you take a drastic step is not love. We clearly haven't learned ANYTHING from Romeo and Juliet.

11) If you're looking for love attend any wedding. That's where the action is at. There's already love in the air, so what better place to look for love than your best friend/ brother/ sister/ dog's wedding?