​4 Ways To Attract a Sagittarius Man

To net this free- spirited archer, you're going to need to up your game - by many levels!




Since their zodiac sign is the archer-centaur which stands for adventure, freedom and passion, Sagittarius men are mostly adventurous, exciting and charming. Capturing a Sagittarius man is going to be really challenging,since you're going to be taming a wild bird. Here are 5 smooth ways to arrest a man:

1. Have the right appearance: All men including Sagittarius men love women who look fab all the time. Sagittarians love women who are put together, sexy, well dressed. Wear clothes that play up your best features and makeup or hair styles that flatter you! If you have an outing with this dude, dress to kill! 

2. Be confident in your appearance and personality: A sagittarian loves a woman who has confidence in herself. Know that you're a beautiful, strong and confident woman, and let him know this fact. He'd find you a thousand times sexier.

3.  Smell amazing: Sagittarius guys love women who smell good enough to eat. Always smell sweet and delicious!  You'd have not just one , but a whole swarm of Sagittarius men humming around you!

4. Try to be independent: Because of his personality,a Sagittarius man loves freedom. Clingy women are a big turn off! He needs a girl who wont cling to him or clutter his freedom. When interacting with him, let him know that you are independent and don't need to be waited upon!

5. Be upbeat: Be fun, spontaneous and playful! Sagittarians are generally happy and hate negative people. Be spontaneous, open to change, yet mysterious! He'd see you as a deserving adventure!  You also need to appreciate travelling, as this guy loves exploring  places! He has to know you're funner than him!

Don't forget to use your wit- he always craves a witty challenge!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.ng