What Does Your Favorite Chocolate Say About Your Taste In Men?

Dark chocolate or white chocolate?




​Chocolate is our next best treat after great sex and scientists have shown us proof that chocolate releases the same endorphins (feel good hormones) from your brain that sex does! But did you know that your taste in chocolate says volumes about your taste in men?

1) Dark Chocolate

You like the strong, silent type. He is dependable, not given to many words, strong and makes you feel safe.

2) Milk Chocolate

You like light skinned guys who are cute AF with their cute smiles and six packs. They are naughty but oh so sweet and romantic that they almost give you a tooth ache. Don't they just make your heart melt?

3) White Chocolate

You like the finer things in life, this man is well bred, with impeccable taste and pedigree. He knows what to say and when to say it and leaves you so hot you almost explode. He is so delicious that you want to savor every bite!

4) Mixed chocolate

Chocolate isn't chocolate without dried fruits, nuts, caramel or wafers in the centre and that's exactly how you like your men! Fun, flirty, naughty and oooh so delicious. Never a dull moment. This man is an adrenaline junky and he makes your life so much more exciting and colorful!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.ng