10 Things Only People in Long Term Relationships Can Do

Shaving your legs in the winter? Not anymore!




#1 Talk while brushing your teeth: Of course, there's overspray and sometimes it gets on them too. But you no longer have to be polite enough to brush in a private space and dab the corners of your mouth gently before you converse.

#2 Stop waxing in winter: Let's face it; you never show skin in winter unless, God forbid, you have to don a saree in mid-December. But should that occasion not arise, it's a fair assessment that you'd let your winter coat grown. If you're single, there's always the off-chance you may get your kit off for some shmexy new boy. The old boy, however, loves you enough to sex you up regardless of how much fur you're packing.

#3 Pee with the door ajar: Because, you know, you want to keep talking to him. Plus, this isn't the first 3 months of your relationship. He now knows your dirty little secret—you have bodily functions just like him.

#4 Eat in bed: You no longer have to impress him by delicately working your food with dainty fingers. You are now at comfort level hundred plus, so crumbs in bed are a go.

#5 Undress Unsexily: In the initial stages, every stripping down is kept in the tantalizing zone. Now, however, you have to undress for functional reasons as well (read: not sex), and you can yank your pants off and have your socks come off rolled into the ends and know that you will still have sex later that day.

#6 Fight with your parents: You are around each other so much, putting off calls from the rest of the world ceases to be an option. Ergo, those 'why haven't you called me in three days, you uncaring demon spawn' phone calls from your mum often happen while he is in the vicinity. However, he just smiles knowingly instead of judging your anger and self-absorbed-ness.

#7 Ugly Cry: When people cry in front of their lovers on TV, there's an air of romance about the whole thing. Real-life love, though, doesn't need delicate, tear-stained cheeks and a quivering lower lip–it can handle loud sobs, a red nose and enough snot to fill a box of Tupperware. 

#8 Be just a little racist/ sexist/ size-ist if you're angry: Because they know you're not a low-quality human, you're just frustrated. And while the world would judge you for calling that hot girl at work who keeps getting praise from your boss a slut, he knows you don't mean it. You just need to say something vicious out loud.

#9 Watch Your Guilty Pleasure TV Show: Whether it's Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Real Housewives Of new Jersey, he doesn't think you're less intelligent or can't figure out what Kaffka was getting at—he knows you just need to turn your brain off a bit after work sometimes. Plus, instead of inwardly judging you for being basic AF, he might even snuggle up and watch it with you.

#10 Say 'I love You' seventeen times a day: The best part about having found this man? You can coat his existence in regular proclamations of love without being judged for being too needy or too clingy. This also extends to watching rom-coms together and telling him it's giving you the feels.