Here's Why This 'Humans of New York' Post is Going Viral...

Prepare your tissues, people. There's going to be a few tears...




Humans of New York have shared some pretty heart warming stories in the past. So it's not that much of surprise that this recent post has tugged QUIET a few heartstrings across the world.

Here's the post that's got everyone shouting #RELATIONSHIPGOALS :​

[facebook ]https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork/photos/a.102107073196735.4429.102099916530784/1179159008824864/?type=3&theater[/facebook]

In no time the post had received massive engagement with people commenting with their own heart warming love stories and sharing the post with their friends.

But the best part about the whole post is that there is no negative comment, from over 70,000, on the post at all!

Pretty amazing, right?