9 Easy Ways to Make up With Your Man





So you are fighting with your bf...UGH. Talk about worse-feeling-ever! The good news is that with a few small steps, you can make up with your man in seconds 


Talk about your argument and what exactly happened. Explain your side (in the most non defensive way) and settle your issues once and for all! 

Take responsibility.

Leave your ego at the door and own up to your mistakes! Let him know you feel terrible for your actions and you will do your best to not repeat those silly mistakes!


A sincere apology will go a long way! Apologize for your actions and show him how much you value your relationship!

Hug it out.

Everyone loves hugs! And they are free! Hugs are a great way to show love to the other person and apologizing + hugs definitely leads to the 'making up' direction! 

And have sex!

This one goes without saying!

Show him affection.

OK so the make up sex is over... now what? Continue to show him affection so he knows how much you truly care about him! 

Cook for him.

You know the saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Well it could not be more true! Cooking his favorite food is the easiest way to win back his affection!

Watch something funny.

Let go of some of the tension between the two of you and watch something funny together! This will take your minds off of the argument and put you in a light hearted mood! 

Treat him to a date.

Since you admit to have messed up, why not treat your man to a fun, casual date? Take him out and show him a good time on you! 

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