17 Women On What They Wish They'd Known About Sex!

"Be selfish—you aren't just having sex for his pleasure!"—SNEHA, 26




​"Extended foreplay makes such a big difference." —PRERNA, 27

"Don't be afraid to experiment with things you've fantasised about. Discuss them with your partner and act on them!" —NEERA, 30

"It's important to express how he's making you feel, apart from the usual oohs and aahs. It's okay to give direction and be vocal about what you want." —DAMINI, 28

"Great sex doesn't always equal a great love." —MAHIMA, 29

"Having a drink or two with your partner is an easy way to get in the mood and let go of any inhibitions you might have. But being super drunk is just going to leave you with a really bad/embarrassing story to tell your girlfriends the next morning. " —DEEPTI, 28

"Yes, it can get really awkward, messy, and embarrassing sometimes. You just need to learn to laugh about it...in a few years!"

—KIRAN, 29

"Be selfish—you aren't just having sex for his pleasure. Yours is just as important."—SNEHA, 26

"Men respond remarkably well to praise—delivered before you reach the bedroom or right after."

—DISHA, 26

"Your neck and ears are two of the most erogenous parts of your body. Don't let him bypass them." —SANYA, 25

"You don't need to change positions every 30 seconds to achieve climax, despite what all those porn clips showed you. Go for what feels good." —RINA, 30

"Don't panic if you can't climax from just intercourse alone. A lot of women require extra stimulation. Get handsy!" —TANISHA, 28

"Sex is usually nothing like what you've seen in the movies and that's okay! Film makers tend to leave our details like your dress zipper getting stuck..." —PRITIKA, 26

"If you're sexually incompatible at first, it doesn't mean it's the end of your relationship. Great sex takes practice, just like anything else."—NAMITA, 28

"You can have as much sex as you want, and as often as you want, as long as you're being safe." —MISHA, 28

"Your partner won't always have a higher sex drive than you. That's just a cliché." —ISHANI, 27

"There is no ladylike way of cleaning up afterwards. You've just got to do what you've got to do." —ESHA, 26