Cosmo India Got 15 Men to Decode All Those Confusing Texts that Your Crush Sends You...

...and now you know!

Girls have called emergency meetings over this. So Cosmo got 15 guys to decode the anomaly that is the male text. Ladies, you're very very welcome!

"Let's talk about it later usually means that's never happening. Drop the subject!"— ROHAN, WRITER

"'We'll catch up soon' is usually a code for 'I'm not that into you'. It was a one time, one  date thing."MOHNISH, DESIGNER

"Asking what you're wearing over text, is a lead-up to some sexting."—SURYAVIR, STUDENT

"Texts like 'sure' could be sarcastic, agreeable and sometimes malicious. Tread carefully."—PUNEETH, PILOT

"When we text that we didn't call because we thought you were busy, we were busy."—NIKHIL, ASSOCIATE MANAGER

"If he texts you right after breaking up with his girlfriend, he only wants comfort sex."—KARAN, SALES EXECUTIVE

"Being sick doesn't mean we can't talk. If that's the excuse, we don't want to talk at all."—ABHIMANYU, VISUAL MERCHANDISER

"Texting 'Love you' is a way of ending the conversation.  We're going to do something else now."—LOHIT, ENTREPRENEUR

"Whenever a guy texts saying he understands that you don't want him to come over, he never does."—RAKSHAT, STUDENT

"If he texts 'See you when I see you', you'll probably never cross his mind."—YAJUR, LAWYER

"If he texts you first thing in the morning, it means you're on his mind. That text is his tell."—PAARTH, ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE

"Over text, or in person, guys are blunt. We don't have the patience to be mysterious."—VICKRAM, BUSINESS CONSULTANT

"When I text saying 'I have a tonne of work' that's me lying. I'm probably watching the game."—SAURABH, BUSINESS ANALYST

"While at my bachelor's, I'd text my fiancée to say I was bored. I was just trying to calm her."—JAGPREET, JEWELLER

"Long time no see means he's been thinking of you, and wants to connect again."—SIDDHARTH, MARKETING PROFESSIONAL