Try These HOT Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Weekend!

Make him melt, literally!




​1. Need his car keys? Don't ask politely—face him hip to hip, reach your hand into his pocket, dig deep while looking him straight, and slowly remove the goods.

2. Before he leaves your pad, get dressed for work, then ask him to pick his favorite perfumed lotion of yours. Have him do the honors of applying it…wherever he'd like to smell it.

3. While you're telling a story to a group, casually place your hand on his leg two inches from his lap. Leave it there, and watch him try to hide his reaction.

4. Time you shower exit for right when he's leaving to go to work. The image he will have on his mind during his commute? You standing there, dripping wet, in nothing but a skimpy towel.

5. When he arrives to pick you up for a date, answer the door in a robe. Give him a five-minute imagination-run-wild period sitting in your living room while you get dressed to the nines.

6. Be his sexy shadow. "Scientific studies show that we feel soul mate-like bonds with people who act just like us and this definitely applies to the bedroom. Pay attention to your guy's breathing and breathe in sync with him. If he touches your hair, run your fingers through his mane. It's simple, but mirroring his movements will have a profound subconscious effect on his coital connection with you. You'll will feel fiercely close to each other—which means the sexual intimacy, intensity, and energy will keep getting stronger!"

7.To create surprise sensations during sex—for both of you—keep your hands as active as possible. Instead of just holding on to his shoulders or his back during the deed, let your fingers roam down his sides, along the creases of his thighs and butt, up his spine, through his hair, around his ears… Not only will that tantalizing trip make him go wild, but there are also tonnes of especially sensitive nerve endings in your fingertips, so continues touching gives you a extra rush too. And as soon as he starts to penetrate you, let your fingertips brush against his so you're activating that supersensitive part. It will send you both sky-high.

8.Raise your temperature by having erotic side-by-sex, facing each other, with you upper leg bent around his back. Keep the movements slow and shallow so you're literally pressed together. Then slow down when he's perfectly still inside you. Get him to stay still for as long as possible.

9.Make him melt. Take a chunk of chocolate and drop it on his naked body. Leave it where it lands encourage it to melt by slowly moving it in small circles against his skin, then sinfully, seductively, lick it off.

10. To pump some red-hot passion into this ho-hum position, add a new kind of friction. On your back, keep your legs straight and closed against each other rather than the usual spread-eagle pose. When he enters you, squeeze his penis between your thighs, causing him to brush against your clitoris with every thrust. The bonus for him? When your legs are closed, your vagina becomes tighter, so he'll feel the friction too. A win-win situation.