7 Ways a New Boyfriend Will Change Your Social Life

"You will come EVERYWHERE with me!"




​#1. Your Inclination To Stay In Increases

You only get so much spare time in the week, and the idea of staying in and and going at it like bunnies often outweighs the idea of putting clothes and facing other humans. Can't your world just be a black-and-white French film, where all you do is make love, walk around naked, smoke cigarettes and contemplate how there is no meaning to the crossaint on your plate?

#2. You WILL Tell The Boyfriend All Your Friends' Secrets

Because, of course, you luuuuurvvv him, and how can you not tell him? But this could be an issue, because your friends kinda know it's happening (they've been there too, you know). Do them the courtesy of leaving out the really personal stuff, though—regardless of how tempting it might be to spill about her stint in rehab.

#3. Hanging With Your Ex Is Now A Bit Of A Question Mark

Some men are actually far cooler with this than you might be able to fathom—but the stereotype of the super-jealous lover exists for a reason, too. Some might not quite be down with you and your former paramour chilling over clinking cocktails. And if you share a friend circle with said former beau, beware; that's in jeopardy for sure. 

#4. You Feel Like Taking Him Everywhere

You know how you won't need to make that Sophie's Choice decision between your best friend's birthday and hanging with your boy? You TAKE him—as your plus one! That's totally cool—the first few times, but when you start Siamese-twinning every joint in the bizz, and your friends can't remember the last time they chilled with you without his grin hovering in the foreground, it's time to dial it back and reassess. 

#5. You Talk About Him

It's only natural—he's on your mind, he excites you, and you want to reference back the teensiest of incidents with 'You won't believe what XYZ did!' or 'Really? XYZ loves apple pie too!' While it's definitely sweet in moderation, it can also be borderline nauseating. Not a bad idea to check in with squad and ask if they've visualised bullets shooting through your skull because of it. 

#6. Your Plans Now Have Him Weighing In

It's not as simple as 'This is where I want to go BECAUSE I WANNA!' anymore. You may find yourself eating less Sushi on Saturday nights than you'd like, and finding that replaced by a lot more #ChineseandChill than you bargained for. Whatever the ratio of who wins and who loses, you no longer get monopoloy over your plans as much as you once did.

#7. Girls' Night Loses Its Flavour A Little

I mean, sure, it's still fun to slap on a touch of red lippie and wear that dress that makes 'the girls' look uber-gorgeous—but now that a full-on flirt-fest on is no longer on the menu, the idea loses its luster just a smidge. You're so over that casual banter—you just wanna be home with #bae.