Apparently, This is the BIGGEST Online Dating Deal-Breaker

The one way to up your dating game!




If for one reason or another you've found yourself back on the dating scene at a time in your life when you least expected it, you may turn to online dating. Although confusing, and at time a daunting experience, it's certainly a popular way to meet new people.

But what really puts people off when it comes to viewing someone else's dating profile? Well, according to Zoosk, 72% of online daters are turned off by bad spelling and grammar. Yep, if you don't know where to put your full stops and commas, and misuse 'their' and 'there,' you could be thrown on the 'do not date' pile. 

9,000 people were surveyed by the online dating service who found that many saw grammatical errors as a sign of laziness and lack of effort. 'Pop culture phrases' and abbreviations were also big no-nos, and saw decreased response rates of 47%! So say goodbye to YOLO, LOL and ICYMI if you want to impress. 

But no fear, 93% of those surveyed felt that something as simple as a full stop at the end of a sentence can make someone appear more attractive. While those who used an exclamation mark received 10% more responses than those who didn't! Well, we've got to be picky, right ladies? 

Via Good Housekeeping