22 Signs You're Finally a Grown-Up

Everyone has that rash friend whose life could be described as a train wreck. Um, so how do you know that you're not her?




  1. ​You've remained friends with at least one of your exes. You really rock if you are also friends with his new girlfriend.
  2. You run into the bitchiest alpha-girl from your high school and realise you didn't even have to lie about what you are up to these days. In fact, you are pretty sure your life is better than hers. Ha!
  3. You own a set of tools. No curtain hanging, sink fixing, toilet plunging, or DIY assembling is too much for you.
  4. You don't live vicariously through your boyfriends any more. You used to date drummers; now you take drum lessons. You used to date artists; now you paint.
  5. When you first meet your new man's parents and they tell you to treat them like you would your own, you realise you were planning to anyway.
  6. You don't feel compelled to follow every fashion fad that hits the catwalk—only ones that flatter you.
  7. A huge dinner-party crisis—scorched kebabs, a sudden realisation that you don't own six wine glasses—doesn't throw you into a tailspin.
  8. You know that even if your career, your home, and your love life are never all perfect at the same time, you will still survive with spirit.
  9. You either like your job or have a plan to nab your dream one...soon.
  10. You don't RSVP "Yes!" to every invite.
  11. When you like a guy, you ask him out (or at least ask for his e-mail address), without wondering what people will say.
  12. You have a close-knit circle of pals, plus a random collection of other guy and girlfriends you have met at work, out running, or in French class.
  13. Instead of aggressively hinting to your parents to buy you a stunning set of earrings or an iPhone, you save up, stroll in, and slap down your own plastic.
  14. That long-distance friend you felt guilty about not keeping up with for the past five years? Dropped her.
  15. A guy you met doesn't call. Instead of crying into your milkshake, you realise it's his mistake, not yours.
  16. When a friend tells you she met a new man, your first question isn't "Does he have any friends for me?"
  17. Students from your school or college call you to ask for career advice and you actually have stuff to tell them.
  18. After a hellish day at work or a night with only five hours of sleep, you still find the energy to hit the gym.
  19. When you meet a hot but emotionally unavailable guy, the type you once would have jumped through hoops for, you think 'I dated you already. I don't ever need to do that to myself again'. 
  20. When you hear a friend is pissed at you, you address her directly instead of dragging your gossipy posse into it.
  21. You do discreetly let someone know when she has something in her teeth.
  22. You know that being in no relationship is better than being in a bad one. Unless the sex is really, really, like, really good.