9 Things You Should Know Before Dating An Aquarian Girl

Your money's no good here...




​1. Appeal to her inner eccentricity: For a man to win this girl's heart, he must have something different about him that makes him stand out in a crowd. She isn't interested in dating your average Joe, and any quirks in behavior or personality are more than welcome. It could be an interesting haircut or T-shirt, job or interest—all of these are guaranteed to pique her interest.

2. Don't tie her down: According to astrology expert Linda Goodman, it's most possible to have a happy relationship with an Aquarian woman if you leave her free to pursue her myriad interests and have a full social life. Don't barrage her with ODing on the commitment aspect of your relationship—nice and easy does it.

3. Become her friend first: Aquarian girls aren't quick to jump into relationships and are known to take their time to get to know a man before getting romantically involved. The best way for a guy to win points with her is to start out with friendship being the primary motive. THEN progress to asking her out on a real date.

4. Prepare to deal with her erratic nature: Often observed as being incredibly moody, Aquarian girls can change their minds (and plans) at the drop of a hat, so any man dating them should be prepared to deal with  flighty behavior instead of it constantly turning into the source of all your fights.

5.Don't go head on with her when she's being stubborn: Aquarian girls need to be able to make up their own minds, so don't try and tell them what to do. Let them think something through and they might end up agreeing with you—but try and force her hand and the answer will most definitely be 'no'.

6. Try not to be jealous of her other guy friends: Aquarian girls tend to attract a lot of male attention—and have a lot of male friends. Any man that wants to date an Aquarian must learn to take this in his stride and try not to get jealous.

7. Keep things hot: The Aquarian girl loves new and interesting experiences. She likes to be taken out to try a new restaurant or cuisine, watch an interesting play or explore a museum or art exhibit of her interest. Make sure you don't let things get stagnant.

8. Impress her with your achievements, not money: Aquarian girls are more interested in a man with passions and who's done something with his life, and not so much the size of the inheritance 'daddy' will be leaving him.

9. Don't keep secrets, but respect her privacy: Aquarian women don't do well with having things hidden from them, or be lied to. Expect her to probe into your heart until you haven't a secret left, or a dream that hasn't been analysed. However, she may not take to you trying to dissect her private thoughts as easily; be warned.