8 Things You Should Know If You're Dating a Gemini Girl

Keep it fresh in the sack, for one




  1. Being witty helps: Being intellectual and bright, Gemini girls are attracted to men with similar qualities. They love a man who can make conversation that is out of the ordinary and paint an eloquent picture with words and descriptions.
  2. Don't f*ck with her freedom: The Gemini woman likes to be free as a bird, flitting from one social gathering to another. Any man interested in dating her should never try to change that about her or tie her down.
  3. Keep things exciting: Gemini girls are fascinated by things that are different and new, so her man should steer clear of being boring and predictable. New and different opinions, ideas for dates and impulse adventures appeal to their butterfly-esque nature and zest for life.
  4. Hone your flirting skills: The Gemini girl is extremely flirty by nature, and is attracted to a man with similar ability. Any guy who wants to win her over must be able to hold his own in his witty banter and impress her with his seduction moves.
  5. Make her laugh: A man does not have to be extremely good-looking to win the heart of a Gemini girl. What's more important to her is a vibrant personality and sense of humor. She will be instantly drawn to a man who is cheerful and makes her laugh.
  6. Innovate in bed: Gemini women love to experiment and try new things in bed. Any man who spices things up in the sack is likely to win major brownie points.
  7. Have meaningful conversations with her: Gemini women love to take part in deep and meaningful one-on-one conversations with a man who can hold his own, when it comes to eloquence and opinions. For a first date, a man should ideally invite her out for a quiet drink or dinner, as opposed to a loud bar or a movie.
  8. Stay in party mode: Being extremely social by nature, Gemini girls also like to go out with a man who can keep up with their pace and social zeal. Any man interested in them should be prepared to have a very hectic social life.