The Amazing Startup Helps Dating Couples Book Hotel Rooms, Harassment Free!

No more lying and saying 'he's my brother'.




​Despite bandying about progress to kingdom come, there are so many nuances of regular, everyday Indian life that haven't caught up with the societal change we're trying to make. Exhibit A: Something AS basic as a couple booking a hotel room for the night. 

With a holier-than-thou cult of hotelier attitude, a couple is often given intense grief at the idea of spending the night together if they aren't legally wed, with papers to prove it. And while many may simply sigh with resignation at the thought, a brilliant new start-up called StayUncle decided to fix the damn situation—or atleast start to try. 

The start-up has tied up with a series of hotels across the country that will allow couples to rent a room without getting the third-degree, or being shamed by the concierge—a move that may seem simplistic, but is something the country desperately wants for.

Founder Sanchit Sethi explains the driving force behind the idea. "There is no law in India that prohibits unmarried couples from renting a room," Sanchit told the media. "As long as you have a government identity card, you should be given a room. We don't live in the 1950s anymore. What we are trying to do is change the mindset of hoteliers."

What started out targeting travelers who wanted a hotel only for a short period of time (shorter than the usual minimum Indian hotels offer—24 hours—that works out expensive, and pointless, if you cut out early), eventually metamorphosed to this, because, as Sanchit puts it, "What was surprising was that 99% of the enquiries we were receiving were from unmarried couples looking for rooms. We started fresh all over again. This time, with the focus on unmarried couples," he told the press. 

Here, you're linked to hotels where you book a room for a number of hours, instead of an a per-day basis. At the moment, they've tied up with 34 hotels in Delhi and 10 in Mumbai, with even a few top-tier hotels joining in. However, the overall response is still lukewarm due to the 'Indian value/culture' reason being cited incessantly. 

Every hotel on their list ensures total privacy—and that you won't be ripped off in the bargain. 

While people says progress comes in baby steps, we'd like to think of this as one of the biggies. Here's hoping, soon, this becomes the norm and not the 'cool revolution'.