8 Things You Should Know if You're Dating a Leo Girl

When in doubt, hug her really tightly.




  1. Worship her: Leo women love to be the center of attention, so any one interested in dating her should become her one-man fan club. When it comes to flattery, too much is never enough for this lady.
  2. Let her take the lead: Being strong and a touch aggressive, Leo women are natural born leaders. In a relationship as well, they like to be the one to call the shots. Any opposition to her dominating ways can be a complete turn-off for a Leo girl.
  3. Show her your affection: Again, the Leo woman likes to be given lots of attention on the romantic front. Like most felines, Leos love to be pampered, so any man dating her should shower her with hugs, cuddles and all kinds of verbal endearments. However, he should take his time to get to know her first so that he doesn't come across as creepy.
  4. They're big on luxury: These gals are definitely not gold diggers, but they do love the finer things in life. Fancy dinners, gourmet chocolates, champagne and gold jewelry are a great way to get a Leo girl purring in appreciation.
  5. Activities are a go: Whether its board games, bowling, a new bar or a fun party, this outgoing and social girl loves to play around and have fun. Any man dating her should keep her constantly stimulated with exciting and playful activities.
  6.  Pay attention to her dreams: Even though she loves to have fun, a Leo woman is also incredibly ambitious. She wants a man in her life who will support her ambitions and help her realise her dreams.
  7. Her emotions may get super-intense: A Leo girl has fiery and intense emotions...and a very large ego. In an argument, her man must be ready to back down and listen to her, even to the extent of letting her blow up. She needs to say everything she has to, and then be given time to cool down. Once she has expressed her sentiments rather loudly, she will come around in her own sweet time.
  8. Take charge in the bedroom: Leo women love to be in charge in life, work and social situations. But when it comes to the bedroom, this feline enjoys being with an assertive man who not only calls the shots, but also keeps her guessing and tries new things.