THIS is How a Breakup Makes You a Better Person

And prepares you for the road ahead...




Lets be honest, breakups are the worst—especially the ones you're totally unprepared for! Its a heart-wrenching situation when you've imagined your entire life with someone special, and one day, that person decides to leave, and your entire world comes crashing down. 

Yes, it's painful (sometimes super painful), and everyone takes their own time to forgive, forget and come out of it. But there's a silver lining, ladies (6, to be exact) and that kinda sorta maybe makes it a little bit better...

Here are some positive things about breakups...

 #1. You're No Longer Emotionally Dependent on Anyone

A breakup teaches you to be the master of your own happiness. Depending completely on your partner for each and every emotional need can make you a bit over-dependent and it worsens with time. Therefore, you learn that love doesn't entirely replace emotional stability, nor completes you as a person.

#2. You Value When Someone Trusts You

Once when you've been taken for granted, or your trust has been broken, you know exactly how it feels, and decide you'll never do the same with someone else. Ergo: you know that gaining someone's trust means the world, and you won't f*ck with it.

#3. You Realise that Nothing is Permanent

Post a terrible breakup, you realise that people, situations and most importantly, feelings don't remain the same forever. Everything that starts on a good note, may not always end on a good note...( we're not being pessimists here, just accounting for all possibilities). Your approach to relationships turns a bit more pragmatic and you try to be careful about how hard you fall the next time you fall in love.

#4. You Prioritise Your Self Esteem 

Once you've the relationship your 100 percent and things STILL aren't fixing themselves, you think YOU are the problem, and that's where your self esteem starts to suffer. When the relationship is over, you begin to value yourself more, and learn where to draw the line when it comes to making an effort. Hey—you can't force chemistry and bonding. And making an effort is two-way street! 

#5. You Come to Terms With Reality

When you were single, you associated dating someone with sweet, romantic moments, perfect dates, surprises and gifts  and all that jazz...right? But once you were in, the struggles, fights and issues that exist in real life (which are hardly ever talked about) hit you in the face. So, the next time, you'll step into a relationship only when you really feel ready, and not because of the idea of it.

#6. You Become More Resilient 

This one's the real winner. A breakup teaches you to fight to make things go back to normal again, and in turn you learn to get back on your feet. Obviously, this transformation isn't easy, and naturally, there'll be times when you feel lonely and miss your ex more than words can say. But once you've started to get your sh*t together, you've learnt your lesson (and then some!) and you'll never let anyone walk over you ever again!