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A Woman Actually Got Pregnant From Anal Sex

A rare condition made the impossible possible.

It's long been thought that you can't get pregnant from having anal sex, but a doctor has now busted that belief by revealing that one of his patients did. It's only likely to happen to one in 50,000 people, so it's very rare, but can happen due to a condition called 'cloacal malformation'.

Dr. Brian Steixner, a urologist at the Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City, told Men's Health that he treated a woman with the condition when he was in medical school. Due to her condition, her bladder, vagina, and rectum didn't fully develop, so everything from her intestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts came out of the same hole.​ This channel opens where the anus is connected.

This can normally be fixed with surgery, which the woman had when she was younger. However, it went wrong and created a tiny hole that connected her womb to her rectum. This caused a bunch of problems, including yes, where she bled from during her period.

The woman was confused when she later became pregnant, telling doctors she had only had anal sex. "We knew about her condition, and we had followed her for a decade​," Steixner said. "After doing a whole bunch of X-rays, we determined that she got pregnant from having anal sex," Steixner said.

Of course, she couldn't "poop the baby out," so thankfully the baby was safely delivered via C-section.

The lesson? Condoms are ALWAYS a good idea.