8 Things Your Guy Doesn't Want to Hear About

#6 is the most annoying!




There are topics that weird out dudes or bore them or simply annoy them. Maddox, author of The Alphabet Of Manliness, fills us in.

1. Your weaknesses

There's something to be said for the type of chick who's (a) up-front enough with herself to acknowledge her own weaknesses and (b) willing to talk about them. That said, talk about them with your girlfriends, not us. Spilling your guts to a guy you barely know is a surefire way to turn him off or, worse, make him think you're a head case.

2. How tired you are

Whatever. We're all tired, and unless you're wrapping up some vicious 48-hour shift, we're probably paddling up that river of fatigue with you. In this fast-paced, you- snooze-you-lose world that we live in, complaining about how beat you are just makes you sound whiny.

3. That your hair is different

When you point out that you switched up your look, here's what goes off in his brain: "Alert! She's fishing for compliments." The reason he hasn't spoken up could be because he's practicing the old adage, 'If you can't say anything nice...'. If you change your hairstyle to get attention, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. If you change your hair, do it for you.

4. Your choice of feminine hygiene product

I'll keep this one short and sweet: most guys use the words tampon and pad interchangeably—and we're happy not knowing the difference between them.

5. That you read the 
latest mind-blowing sex tips in this magazine

We don't want to hear about them—we want you to do them. After all, these tips are written for a reason. But not every tip works with every dude, so experiment without telling him where you learnt your fantabulous technique.

6. The fact that you think another guy is sexy

Calling another man handsome is a conversation stopper. If guys thought other guys were hot, they'd probably bring it up before you. Ever wonder why we don't?

7. Your diet strategy

The goal of every diet is to get to a certain body weight. And just like vacations, nobody cares how you got there. We just care that you're there. A diet is an often boring journey. Honestly, the only time you should ever tell a guy about it is right after the sentence "I'm not ordering the lamb chops because..."

8. How smart you are

There's no better illustration of
false advertising than a
babe with a copy of
Crime And Punishment in a busy coffee shop. You could well be wearing a huge sign that reads Buyer Beware. That's what it is!