Find Out What Kind of Wife You Would Be

Would you put your man first?




​Everyone's got a particular 'wife style'; find out which fits you by checking out these celebrity examples. 

The Me-First Wife

It's all about her—the money, the time, the house, the travel—and she takes pride in the fact that if she isn't happy, no-one else can be. Her needs and wants always come first, because the Me-First believes her husband is extremely lucky to have her. Ergo, the husband needs to
do everything in his power to keep her happy. How does this work? Me-Firsts are very selective about the men they pick,
and work extra hard to maintain the 'I'm totally worth it' sensibility. Take a look at French president Nicolas Sarkozy's former supermodel wife, Carla Bruni, and you'll realise he's going through all kinds of hell
to keep up with her, including the exercise routine, diet plan and cultural improvement programme, hence keeping him too busy to stray. And here's the clincher: he's convinced all the effort he's making is simply a trade- off for being married to someone like her.

The All-In Wife

You can expect the All-In Wife to have detailed schedules and reminders of monthly anniversaries and endless weekend getaway plans. She won't shy away from couples therapy and talking about her feelings and the future of the relationship...this is one committed woman! Back to Sussane as the leader of the AIW's pack. She's the ideal doe-eyed, hubby-lovin' lady, but this can become a hindrance sometimes. Usually the husbands of these wives assume the excitement and intensity will die down after the honeymoon...
it doesn't. And if it ever does, it's usually focused on planning the future and what their grandkids
will look like (maybe she's got a scrapbook stashed somewhere, too).

The Man-First Wife

She's not a complete 'yes woman', but a variation of the 'surrendered wife' philosophy. While the former will give up all control to her partner, the MFW plays it smart by giving up only a small portion so she can maintain a stronger grip on the relationship. The best part? The man will never really know it, or even guess what she's trying to do. As most of us know, men don't like being manipulated this way so it makes sense for an MFW to never let her strategy known to her husband...she's as subtle as it gets. If you're looking to follow in the footsteps of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (the ultimate MWF), take a leaf out of her book and do the following: find out what his favourite sport is, learn to cook his guilty pleasure meal, and attend game night at the local bar.

The Domestic-Pro Wife

The DPW gets so wrapped up with her home duties, she tends to forget about her husband and his needs, which can lead to deep-seated issues in the relationship. You can't confuse the DPW with a domestic goddess, who is associated with a sex symbol to make men drool. While this wife is focused on her children and running a twinkly home (no pun intended), she runs out of fuel when it comes to lavishing attention on her husband. In a regular situation, the house is run according to what works best for the kids, and the man of the house simply has to fall into place and carry out his role as doting dad—changing nappies and attending school functions when required. Though typically, the DPW (like Twinkle Khanna) will marry a man who isn't around 24/7, so she can run things without any challenges, mostly.

The Team-Leader Wife

Think of the super-mom stereotype and you've got a hit. She tends to do it all, from taking care of the kids, to looking after the house, and holding her own at a full-time job. Multi- tasker Victoria Beckham is a great fit for this 'wife style'. Such highly efficient and independent ladies will manage their marriages, just like everything else in their lives, with a formula comprising of to-do lists, tonnes of self-discipline, and a bit of ambition thrown in. She's the reliable one in the relationship and will command the complete respect and awe of her husband. You'll never catch a TLW bogged down by her emotions or falling prey to mood swings. Just like you won't find her getting on the divorce brigade anytime soon. She's bright and always has a Plan B (and Plan C, just in case).

The Lifestyle Wife

She's the flashiest of the lot. These ladies have put in a lot of time and energy perfecting the art of getting their men. And the LW is not about to give it all up just because she finds out her husband cheated. Betrayals are swept under a pile of designer buys and lavish vacations. The LW is under no illusions—she would rather live with infidelity and ill behaviour than create a vacancy for some other LW. She's the trophy wife of the business tycoon, sports star or Hollywood bigwig—always impeccably turned out, the perfect PR product. A LW has everything— houses, clothes, and holidays other women can only dream of, and she always knew it would come at a price (think Coleen Rooney, wife of UK football star Wayne Rooney, who tolerated reported infidelities in return for a pampered life).

The Best-Mate Wife

If you were to ask men to describe the ideal mate, chances are they'd describe someone worthy of best dude friend status, but
with lady parts. That's the winning combination—the BMW— because she actually thinks like a man and plays like a man, and in the relationship, neither partner thinks of the other as a species from a different planet. The BMW and the All-In Wife are complete opposites of each other. She's about as domesticated
as her hubby; just as ambitious; and definitely as much of a party animal (cue Kate Moss). Best-Mate couples generally do not analyse and criticise each other—they like to live one day at a time, never bothering too much about the future. If she takes the same amount of time to get dressed as her husband, and can drink the same amount, she's a BM wife.