5 Things You Should NEVER Do on Social Media After a Breakup

You'll thank us.



Snapchatting like you're on steroids

Constantly updating your stories with a string of 'look how much fun i'm having' snaps won't fool anyone. Thinly-veiled statements can have the opposite effect of making him jealous. Our advice? Stay low for a while.

Stalking him on Instagram

Scrolling the feed of someone who doesn't want to date you any more is tempting, but when you start sifting through comments and stalking the girl who cropped up more than once, it becomes virtual self-harm. Remind yourself you're wasting valuable time that could be spent doing something you love.

Unfriending him on Facebook

This depends on your post-split vibes. If your ex is harassing you, block him now. But if UnFriending him seems extreme, Unfollow him—you won't have an unhealthy feed of his updates bombarding you, and you won't seem like the 'immature' one who won't unfriend him first.

Subtweeting him

Casting out passive- aggressive 140-character digs only shows you up as childish. It's really cringe- worthy when someone uses their status to vague-book about 'that moment you know it ended for a reason'. Don't let your breakup play out like a social-media opera.

Untagging your couple pics

It's weird when someone who's been in a three-year relationship wipes out all evidence of its existence. Before you hit the Delete or the Untag button, think why you're doing it. Do you really want to banish what were once happy memories? That said, if 'out of sight, out of mind' works for you, do it.