4 Things Guys Definitely Don't Want To Hear!

Your honesty might get you into trouble.




The truth can be bitter at times! Being in love is so exciting! Most times, you just want to open your heart and be so honest with him. Good for you! Honesty is a good policy in relationships, but  urhm.. Just as you know ,there are times honesty will  buy you more trouble than you envisaged. As truthful as you intend to be, your man does not want to hear these in all honesty:

1. "Baby, you know, you kinda look like my ex" : Who wants to look like a jerk? Being informed that there could be possible comparison between him and that freaking a*shole is enough to make him fume! Wait- you picked him because of resemblance to that nuthead you can't get over? Bad for you.

2. "Your friend dresses real good": All compliments should go to him!  What other charming qualities have you seen in his friend?  He might answer you with a smile, but deep down, he knows his so called friend has caught your admiration! Let the insecurity game begin!

3. "What name would you want to give our child?" : Unlike ladies who have endless happily ever after dreams, often times, the thought of marriage scares guys!  Now you're talking about marriage, and kids!Who told you he'd even thought towards that direction? Say this to him, and  you might be quickly dragged out of that daydream. Taking to his heels, shouldn't come as a surprise!

4. "I can't stand your friends":  What an honest girl you are!  These are his hommies, these guys have his back, and you cant stand them! he's had long and loyal relationships with some of these dudes, yet they are a problem to you. Since you're being frank with him, you deserve the truth too-he  doesn't care! Bring this up again, and you'd know your place in his life!

Honesty is a good policy in relationships, until you become unnecessarily honest with him!

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