3 Things to Say When You Want Your Hookup to Be Your Boyfriend

Dating expert Matthew Hussey tells you exactly what to say.




Getting from point A (booty calls) to point B (BF, duh) is tricky business. Dating expert Matthew Hussey is here to help.

He's bristling at the DTR talk. You say: "I could give AF about labels, but I need to know what to say to guys who ask me out." Why it works: A hint of competition goes a long way with guys. Reminding him he could lose you could be the kick in the ass he needs to see how good he has it.

He can't decide what he wants. You say: "That's okay. But if we don't know what we are next month, let's just stay friends." Why it works: You're relaxed and not judge-y but willing to end things sans progress. Taking control is hot, and the idea that you'd downgrade him to "friend?" Ouch.

He pulls the "I don't want a relationship" card. You say: "I'm not asking for a ring. I just wanted to see where things go." Why it works: Script flipped - now he's the drama queen. Spend less time with him. If he won't invest in you, he's not worthy.

By Matthew Hussey

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