4 Ways To Let Him Know That He's Doing 'IT' Right

Better sex calling!




Not only does it flatter guys to give you pleasure, it also turns them on to see you lose your mind. Which is why they need help navigating your unchartered lady parts. This is never more true than during that first nerve-wracking time in bed. Help us get you there with these cues:

1. Moaning

Men are like dogs: dumb and happy to lick you if we'll be praised. Moaning lets us know we're doing something right—a bone you can toss us for a trick well done.

2. Use Your Hands

It's dark down there, and we're thrusting around in kinda foreign territory. Sometimes, we'll need your assistance getting to the sweet spot. Please guide us to the promised land.

3. Just Say it

There's nothing wrong with resorting to English. Guys are cavemen in the sack— grunt!—but we can still hear you. Give directions 'Higher!' 'Slower!' 'There!'—with confidence.

4. Put on Porn

Porn is a risky proposition for someone new. But women know their bodies best, so lesbian porn is a great education source. Tell him you're showing it to get the juices flowing. We'll be taking notes.